What is Four Dollar Click

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Fourdollarclick.com Review: Is four dollar click a scam or legit way to make money online?What is Four Dollar Click

Can you imagine earning $4 every time you click and view an ad online? That was exactly what Four Dollar Click said people are going to make when they sign up with the platform.

Could that be true?

I am sure you’re skeptical and that is the reason why you’re online doing this research about Four Dollar Click. That’s a smart move man!

I know that we all desire to achieve Financial Freedom so that we can enjoy the things that life has to offer. Could Four Dollar Click be the legitimate way to achieve that financial freedom?

I’m here to expose the truth and the reason why you need to be careful signing up with them!

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Four Dollar Click Overview

Name: Four Dollar Click

Website: www.fourdollarclick.com

Owner: Unknown

Registration cost: Absolutely Free to Join

My Opinion: Total waste of time


What Is Four Dollar Click?

The fourdollarclick.com was registered in the year 2012. There was no information provided on their website about who the owner of the company is and my research online couldn’t locate the real owner’s name as well.

This is a big Red Flag for a company that claimed to have paid out millions of dollars.

Hiding the identity of the owner is a big warning and people should be careful joining such a platform either free or with paid membership.

See, the truth must be told – the whole thing looks so ridiculous right from the start to the point where money would be cashed out. There are just so many red flags regarding Four Dollar Click that I will be reviewing in this article.

During my research, Four Dollar Click screams scam, scam, scam and it is definitely a platform I don’t recommend for anyone that want to genuinely make money online.

Infant, I wrote reviews on similar websites like Six dollar click, Prosperity of Life, Seven Dollar Click and these websites have helped many people escaped the pipe dream (Scam).

The $4000 minimum amount of earned money needed for member to cash out is just too ridiculous to say the least.

To actually operate Pay to Click websites that will pay fractions of a cent per people’s click is a big challenge, let alone the four dollar click that promised to pay $4 per ad.

The true reality of websites like four dollar click is that none of these websites can truly afford to pay that much money to people for just viewing their ads and I will elaborate on my reason down below.


Why Four Dollar Click is Just an Unrealistic Dream

It is important to understand that pay to click websites produce their revenue through the monetization of traffic to other business advertisers.

Usually they would charge business advertisers for a certain number of clicks and then reward their members for viewing these advertisements.

In a nut shell, the difference between what the pay to click website owners charge business advertisers and what they pay people that click on the advertisement is what they make as profit.

So if you go to Four Dollar Click website and click on purchase, you will discover that they are charging the business advertisers the sum of $10 for 1000 hits – See below.

This would mean the sum of $0.01 per click.


Now the question that potential member like you should ask is, how would four dollar click afford to pay people $4 if the advertisers that brings in the revenue are only paying $0.01 for one click.

In my opinion, this seems very IMPOSSIBLE!

Another RED FLAG is that there was no privacy policy displayed on their website and this simply means that they can collect your details submitted during registration and then sell it.

So when you supply your name, email and country during registration and then verified your email be sure that they have already made money on you.

What is Four Dollar Click


Four Dollar Click has this BBB logo with an A+ on their website and it happened to be FAKE when I did my research! They added this accredited business logo to fake legitimacy – Be Careful guys!


How Do Four Dollar Click Premium Membership Works?

Before this review, I actually registered for the four dollar click free membership and one thing I noticed was that there were lots of ads available for me to click and when I did, my account balance went really up but few days after there were only few ads available.

This is one of their many strategies to trap people to buy into their premium membership.

Here is the kicker!  As an example, people would be like OMG! have already earned $230 in less than 1 hour and since the ads has diminished and people still want to earn more so that they can reach the cash out limit.

Guess what, people will want to subscribe for the premium membership and that is where the really big scamming will begin.

The strategy here is to push people to upgrade their membership all the time and later inform you that you can’t withdraw your money until you upgrade your membership.

Here below are few of their different memberships with the monthly fees

What is Four Dollar Click

This is actually outrageous! As can be seen in the above, a member needs to pay $100 per month to be a Gold member.

Hey folks there are a lot of cheaper and even free opportunities out there to make money online.

In fact, any online business that ask members to pay money in order to withdraw or cash out their earnings should not be trusted.

Four Dollar Click is asking people to register for paid membership to cash out earned money because it is a SCAM!

Finally, Go Read The Four Dollar Click Terms

I guess they reluctantly added this terms of use as it is hidden somewhere that most people would not even see it.

I am actually bringing this up as a very few people read businesses terms of use before they decide to join.

You need to go to four dollar click website and open their terms page and you will see the following statements that are very shocking to me.

Here is the first one which is regarding their refunds

“All payments and purchases are services rendered and non-refundable”.

Here is the next term that gives them the ability to do whatever they want with members account

“Four Dollar Click reserves the right to restrict, alter, or modify fees, benefits, rules, regulations, special offers, membership terms and conditions or terminate services any time and without notice”.

And lastly, this term claims that all the money that people earn are just estimations and not real numbers.

“All earnings listed and or represented by FourDollarClick.com are estimated values, actual values are subject to change with or without notice”.

As you can see, there are too many excuses that they can use to reject your payment request and even close your membership.

My final verdict: FOUR DOLLAR CLICK IS A BIG SCAM and you must stay away from it

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Brief Overview of How I’m Making Money Online

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Here is a screenshot of past earnings and this adds up really fast.

What is Four Dollar Click

As mentioned before, the platform is free to join and I have had nothing but all positive results since I joined their membership.

Thanks for reading and I hope this article will help someone out there and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Tony @wealthdowntown



  1. OK I’m convinced now that four dollar click is a very legitimate scam. I got the link to join this scam from someone in facebook group. I wasn’t convinced that this is legitimate because it sounded too good to be true to me then. Thank God I ran into your article for confirmation of my thinking. I’m gonna check your number one recommendation and hopefully start earning money online soon. Oh yes, do you know how long usually people start to really make money online? Thanks for the awesome post.

    • Thanks for stopping by to read the review Alblue. Yes you will definitely make money if you join wealthy affiliate and when you will start making money depends on your niche of specialization. The WA training here is really great in training people and help them desire the best niche based on their situation etc. I know you will find the platform interest.

      All the best,


  2. Thank you for this review about four dollar click. I absolutely love what I read in this insightful article because it is full of great information. This is fascinating and interesting to me. 

    I can say you did a great job by revealing out this scam claiming to be helping people to become financial freedom,  I’ve fall into many online scam before I finally joined wealthy affiliate. This post is worth sharing for newbie into making money online not to fall victim. Good write, great information. Regards

  3. Ibrahim Abdulrahman

    Thanks alot Tony for this review and for exposing four dollar click, this article has helped alot, especially for a newbie like myself, although I want to have a legit source of income through online but at a point I became scared because of a lot of scam website out there, from this review I am well equipped now to know scam sites right from their name,  for you to hang as well provided the link to how to make a legit money online it shows how kind you are. Thanks for this great job

  4. I appreciate this well-detailed post on the four dollar click. Greed is the number reason people get scammed online. The claim looks too good to be true, especially for a pay per click site. I like the way you expose this scam. A company that charges advertiser $10 for a thousand hit now promise to pay $4 for a click. It looks absurd. In addition, anybody interested in making money online should never be in a hurry, and a site like ‘whatis record

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