Jaaxy Review: Keyword Research Tool

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Hey guys, lets do a Jaaxy Review today!

Let me warn you before you start reading through the review. Note that if you learn and decide to use keywords effectively for your affiliate marketing, it may completely revolutionize your whole business.

And that is the reason why keyword researching and ranking on Google is one of the most important things you can master as an affiliate marketer.

Jaaxy Overview

Name: Jaaxy

Website: www.jaaxy.com

Owner: Kyle & Carson – Also owns the awesome wealthy affiliate

Type: Keyword Research tool

Cost: $0 for Free Account, $19/Month (Pro), $49/Month (Enterprise)

Let me be frank with you guys, I was not convinced to sign up for Jaaxy when the owners released the version 2.0 but after I reluctantly used it and saw the difference it made to my online business, Jaaxy turned into my #1 recommended keyword research tool.

Let’s Dive Into Jaaxy Proper

Jaaxy is a keyword research tool and is crucial to any website hoping to get free of charge traffic from search engines such as google, bing, yahoo etc.

You need to know that without proper keyword research as an affiliate marketer, your probability of success is tiny. I can probably liking this a blind pilot flying an airplane because without proper keyword research, each post would just be more of guessing at what your targeted audience is looking for, and how many folks are looking for the keyword.

Even if you are outstandingly familiar with your niche, a keyword research tool can still help you discover excellent phrases to use and target in your article.

Also, it will definitely give you insight into which web pages could potentially get the most traffic, and with this idea, you can easily decide where to focus your marketing efforts.

In this Jaaxy review, I would like to show you why it is an awesome tool for your affiliate marketing keyword research.

As part of the review, I’ll also show you how Jaaxy can actually earn you more money from existing campaigns, as well as how to properly create new money-generating websites.

Jaaxy Review

Now would I say Jaaxy worth the cost?

For me, it’s a YES. I earn a great income online using Jaaxy, so $19/month or $49/month (I have Enterprise) is an easy/wise spend.

Jaaxy pay me back every month and helps me earn more money in my online business, so it worth the cost 100%.

Also, Jaaxy has a lot of features that other keyword tools do not have and this is one of my many reasons why I choose to use Jaaxy over the other competitors.

Even though Jaaxy does worth the cost for me, would it worth your money? Hey that’s the question I hope to answer in this review – read on!

Some of Jaaxy Features

Keyword Data

This is the most popular in Jaaxy. It is considered the core of keyword research. To figure out a good keyword means you will know which topics get the most traffic and which ones will rank on search engines easily. Keyword data is a big topic but the image below would give you an overview of keywords.

Also, you can sign up for Free Jaaxy Account Here to play around the platform for more understanding of the Jaaxy environment.

What is Contained in the Jaaxy Keyword Search Data?

A) The Monthly Searches

This awesome feature tells you how many people are searching for the keyword every month. A higher number is better here because there is more interest in the keyword.

B) The Estimated Traffic

Pretty much, this feature will tell you how much traffic you can expect to visit your website if you rank on page one for the keyword.

C) Quoted Search Result (QSR)

This one is a powerful feature and it show you your competition. Here a lower number is better for you and this is a piece of data that most other keyword tools don’t offer.

For this feature, it used to be only Jaaxy that offers it but because of its awesomeness and astounding result it offers users, few other popular keyword tools have now followed suit to have it in their program.

Just so you know, this is one of the main data I use when choosing to target a keyword.

Under 200 is a medium-competition keyword. Under 100 is a low competition keyword – my recommended target.

D) Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI)

Here is a broad look at all factors related to the searched keyword and green means it is a good keyword to target, yellow means it is just an average keyword while red indicates that you can safely skip this keyword as it would likely take much time/effort to rank.

E) The SEO Power

This feature is an add on to confirm the KQI. SEO power informs users how SEO would help optimize your article for ranking. In general, a longer keywords technically have a higher SEO power compare to shorter keywords because they are usually more specific and less competitive.

F) The Domain Availability

Another awesome feature that will tell you which domains are accessible for a specific keyword. Note that exact match domains still rank well even with recent Google updates.

I don’t personally use this feature often because I don’t buy domains much but for someone that buys domains wholesale, creates lots of niche websites, or creates websites for other people, it’s cool and a no brainer not to use this feature because you won’t have to open up a domain registrar again to check domain availability. This does it all for you.

G) The Save Selected

This is a great way to compile keyword lists. You can use this feature to store your high traffic and low competition keywords that are always in demand for online marketers.

You can create lists to offer as bonuses to your blog readers or you can use them to start out the beginning structure for a new niche website you want to create.

You can create a new list each time you search or you can save new keyword to already created list.

Alphabet Soup

This feature is very powerful and was added to Jaaxy in 2017, Jaaxy updated this feature free of charge for all users. The alphabet soup add on basically mixes up keyword with all the letters in the alphabet to get potential powerful keyword.

It is absolutely a valuable way to come up with long tail keywords, article content ideas, domain name ideas, and astounding niches.

Let say I search for make money from home then it will give me.

  • make money from home + a…
  • make money from home + b…
  • ….. + z

As you can see, this would create for you various phrases like “make money from home and …..”, “learn to make money from home today”, and “make money working from home”. (The feature help mixes up the position of your keyword with the added letters. So related searches such as those listed below can basically come up within infinite post titles.

On top of all these, you can also decide do a fresh search based on any of the phrases generated by the Alphabet soup techniques or you can add it to a list to search later.

See snapshot example above. Truly, I can’t actually speak highly enough about this Jaaxy feature.

Search Analysis

Quick question?

Have you ever heard from marketers talking about spying on their competitors? Yes, Jaaxy will let you do just that. After you typed in your intended keyword, Jaaxy will search and pull up the current search page(s) for whichever search engine you choose.

In the case below, I typed in “treadmill review” and choose Google. The top 10 results then came up.

After joining Jaaxy, you can click on the View Details button and Jaaxy will show you additional details like the metadata that was used in the program, links and the word count etc. This gives you an inside view of the program’s details and will help improve the ranking potential of your content.

For example, the above result shows that the article contain 692 words and for better ranking a longer article of about 1000 words at minimum.

Note that it is not only important to look at which article are ranking but of equal importance is what’s not ranking.

In the above example, you would notice that the top 10 results were articles and this gives an insight that if you create a YouTube video, you are most likely going to rank high on google.

Saved Searched List

With Jaaxy, keywords would stop being a challenge for your online business as you would have more keywords than you actually needed. Another potential source of income would be sell keyword or you can use them for your PPC campaigns. Jaaxy also gives you the ability to export keyword lists in different file formats vis:.txt file or.csv (spreadsheet), plus you can select the keyword data you choose to include in your export.

Check out the image below for more clarity.

Site Rank

This feature enables you to see the current position of your article on the major three search engines – google, bing and yahoo. Also, you can enable the tracking option and this would show you the movement of your article over time.

Please don’t be alarmed by the blurred area in the image as it is just some personal information I woudn’t like to share with the public 🙂

As you can see, the above image displays the position of one of my articles on Google, bing and yahoo as number 1 – yay! Because I clicked on google, it shows that the article has stayed in that page 1 and position 1 for 3 scans.

Another thing to take note of is the lower left side of the tracker which is meant to show users the changes on a graph and how many positions the article rose or dropped.

This above image shows you a fraction of my keyword tracking list and below bullet points are the details I captured.

  • That the top article is not currently ranked on the first 10 pages.
  • That the second article is in number 1 position at the moment.
  • That the third article has remained consistent at number 28 on Google, dropped to number 18 on Yahoo, and dropped to number 3 on Bing after 2 scans
  • That the fourth article has had no scans yet and therefore shows current position only

From this analysis, I can see that my competition is outranking me on some of these articles and with this discovery, I can now work on these articles to improve the SEO.

For more understanding of how to improve SEO, Checkout this Wealthy Affiliate SEO Post.

Here is Short Jaaxy Video from One of The Owners


Try Jaaxy For Free Before You Buy

Are you interested in trying Jaaxy for your keyword search for free?

You are welcome to use the keyword search bar below to have a feel of Jaaxy by registering for your free account and you will get 30 free searches. Remember No credit card is needed.

As said earlier, this awesome keyword tool can be assessed for FREE and you are welcome to join us at www.Jaaxy.com today. Trust me, you won’t regret the move and your online marketing campaigns will thank you for doing so later!

Have you ever used a keyword research tool before? I would love to hear from you by leaving me a comment below.

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Jaaxy Review: Keyword Research Tool

Want To Start Making Money Online For Free?

Lastly, if you know anyone (family, friends, colleague etc.) that could benefit from this article, please feel free to share with them.

All the best in your pursue for financial freedom!



  1. Linus Udochukwu Marvellous

    I have seen a review about the Jaaxy Keyword research tool but was skeptical about trying it because of my past experiences with other keyword research tools. My fear is it might not last as long as I wish it would last although, if there is a guaranty placed on it, then I think I will go for it.

    • Hi Linus,

      This tool is really good and I believe there many reviews out there that’s saying or confirming Jaaxy to be awesome tool for affiliate marketing. 

      Actually you can join and test it out for free by signing up here. Join Jaaxy for Free

      Let me know your thoughts after.


  2. Chrissie Spurgeon

    I would completely agree with you that Jaaxy is a great tool that can help so much with your business.

    Keywords are so important if you want your articles to get noticed and go high up in Google, and really if you are not using keywords effectively, then you have a far lower chance of success.

    Also, you can check how well your posts are doing on Jaaxy.

    Jaaxy is so easy to use, and anyone who is not sure about that can simply create a free membership and try it out before committing to buy it. I would recommend it to all online marketers.

    Very many thanks for your really comprehensive review.

    Chrissie 🙂

  3. Thanks for writing this article on jaaxy keyword research tools. I know many will find this article helpful especially newbie in affiliate marketing. Jaaxy is the best keywords tools on wealthy affiliate and I have been using it for searching niche for my website.having the right niche is the beginning of the having a profitable website and it want will set you ahead of your competitor.it part of the basics and it is one of the most important tools to know how to use as an online affiliate marketer 

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