Is Trunited A Scam

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Hey, there is a chance that someone told you about Trunited and you’re trying to get more info about the opportunity before signing up or maybe you’re looking for Is Trunited a Scamthe opportunity to earn a passive income and you simply stumbled upon Trunited review on the internet but you’re not sure if it is another scam or a legit opportunity.

Yes you’ve come to the right article that will answer all the questions that you may have about Trunited opportunity.

Let me start by saying that this Trunited review was written after researching the program as well as trying it out so you can expect to get all the truth about the Trunited opportunity here.

Again, you have come to the right place so keep reading through the article to find out what Trunited is exactly about!

Trunited Review

Company Name: Trunited


Owner: Nicholas Porter

Price: Free

Is Trunited A Scam? Find out below!

Is Trunited A Scam

What Is Trunited

I want to assume that you’re like me and most people who like to save money when they do their shopping. Trunited is one of those websites or companies out there that put cash back into peoples pocket by offering cash back rewards when you do your shopping through them.

I have seen many people that are skeptical about this and I know that you’re probably wondering if this is actually true as well, which is possibly the reason why you’ve decided to come online and do your Trunited review due diligence.

I must commend you actually! – that is a smart move especially with so many craps flying around the internet nowadays!

Trunited is a company that started in 2015 but came to lime light in 2016. They provide money rewards to consumers just for their regular shopping. The idea behind this company was that consumers will always buy things that they need no matter what.

So buying their needs and wants through Trunited platform allows people to potentially cash back some money they’ve already spent. Hey this is a no brainer opportunity and it’s something that no mall or shopping center would offer their consumers.

Is Trunited A Scam


Trunited Is Known As Socialize Commerce

Trunited popularly known as the first true socialized commerce platform. This is because members are eligible for rewards on their purchases and can do their shopping online from thousands of popular stores and brands.

The Trunited website contains a wide variety of every day stores selling ranges of goods in various brands. The participating  stores include Vengo, Staples, Walmart, True Value, Home Depot, Target, Best Buy, Staples, Camping World, Restaurants, Bloomingdale, Pets store to mention few.

Trunited Specialty Stores

Available for consumers are hundreds of specialty shop to buy things like clothing, medicine, video games etc. Some of these stores are GNC holdings, Microsoft, Forever 21, Lids, Payless Shoe store, Destination Maternity, Vitamin Shoppe, GameStop, Men’s Wearhouse, Hanes, Guess clothing, Lorna Jane, See’s Candies etc.

Trunited Service Providing Stores

There are various service providing stores that you can access as a Trunited Member and this includes some stores that are exclusively online. Example of these service provider are Priceline, Wine, Sprint, GoDaddy, Straight Talk, Timex, Affilorama, VistaPrint, Lego etc.

The Goods And Bad about Trunited

Over the years that I have been writing product reviews, I have noticed that a review for an online money making program that contains the pros and cons is always helpful to product review readers.

The Pros of Trunited

  • The program is a legit way to make money online for shoppers
  • The process is easy as it doesn’t require any specialty
  • The opportunity is Free to start
  • There is a free shipment when consumer shops over $48
  • They have thousands of participating companies on the platform

The Cons of Trunited

  • This opportunity can never make you income replacement money
  • The amount members can make varies and can’t be predicted easily

How Does Trunited Work?

As mentioned above, Trunited members would earn rewards after buying products from any of the participating stores on Trunited Platform.

The Trunited website offers various brands and products from the participating company that consumers can as well find anywhere else but the difference is that if consumers buy through Trunited platform then they would earn some cash back.

Note that every purchase that Trunited member makes via the Trunited platform is worth a Trunited profit point in either a percentage or a specific dollar amount and these are set by the participating store.

Here is a video for you to watch for more understanding.

An Example of Trunited Profit Margin

Let say Walmart’s Trunited contribution is four percent (4%). This simply means that four percent (4%) of the member’s total spending would be awarded to him/her in a cash back profit points. In other words, If a $100 worth of goods is purchased from Walmart via Trunited platform, the purchaser would earn four trunited dollar points.

Also, for those goods that has a set number of Trunited profit points, the consumer would earn a specified number of Trunited profit points. An example might be that a box of candy bar would worth 10 Trunited profit points.

Note that most of the direct consumer goods earn members a specific number of Trunited profit points instead of a percentage of the total purchase in Trunited profit points.

What is the Worth of Trunited Profit Point?

The structure that Trunited utilize to pay members is unique because it is different from the structure that most other companies that runs similar product uses.

It important for potential members to know that the value of Trunited single point pay out actually changes from month to month as it is dependent on a variety of factors like the number of members (consumers) making purchases in that particular month and the total amount of overall sales made.

I hope it is not too confusing to you. Like I mentioned above, this is one of the cons of Trunited but don’t get worked up as it could take a bit of time to understand it fully.

I am going to do my very best to explain the Trunited profit point for you to understand.

Explanation of Trunited Profit Points

All the Trunited business participant pay a percentage of total sales in a month to Trunited.

Here is an example, let say Trunited members purchased a total of $100,000 worth of goods and services in a month at Walmart, then Walmart will pay back a percentage of $100,000 to Trunited as profit.

Let’s say Walmart’s contribution percentage is 4 percent. This means that WalMart would pay $4,000 to Trunited.

How Much Money Can I Earn With Trunited?

This is a difficult question that I have seen many people asking but unfortunately there is no way to predict how much money one can actually make after joining Trunited.

This is because the potential amount to be earned is dependent on many factors which include:

  • Total amount of money that is been spent by the member in the period
  • Total amount of money that all members spent in the period
  • The participant company’s contribution amount for the goods bought
  • The type of goods and services that were purchased via Trunited platform
  • Total Truited’s operating costs for that period

By the last day of the paying period, all the money in Trunited bank would be added together and then Trunited will subtract some amount of money to take care of their operating costs for that period plus any carry over cost from last the period.

Then the remainder would be profit that would be shared among members based on their contributions to what Trunited made in that period.

In other words, member’s earned amount would be determined by their Trunited profit points for that period.

Here below is an example to demonstrate how much money members could make.

Is Trunited A Scam

An Example of How Much Trunited Member Can Make

Lets assumed that for the month of January 2018, Trunited’s total amount of profit was $100,000 and let say all members earned a combined total of 200,000 Trunited points in January.

Divide the total profit ($100,000) by the total Trunited points (200,000) earned

$100,000 ÷ 200,000 = $0.5

Now this simply means that one Trunited profit point is worth 50 cents ($0.5) for the month of January.

Okay, let’s assume that you’re a member and you did purchase goods through the Trunited platform in the month of January that earned you a total of 200 Trunited profit points.

Now this simply means that for the month of January you’ve earned yourself a total of $0.5 x 200 = $100.

That’s awesome right? It’s more like earning free $100 cash back from all your shopping through Trunited platform that month. Note that either you did it through Trunited or not, you will still do that same shopping anyways!

You can as well see that the worth of one Trunited point will change from month to month and this would change the amount of your earnings as well.

More Ways to Make Money with Trunited

There are few other ways to earn money as a member in Trunited and one of them is an interesting affiliate program.

To harness this opportunity, you first need to qualify.

So how do you qualify?

  • Build up your Trunited account to a minimum of $100.
  • Bring at least one person to join Trunited and your referrals become part of your team.
  • Your referral have to make at least one purchase via the Trunited platform.
  • Be in good standing to be earning money for your purchases as well as the purchases of your team members.
  • Pay your affiliate member fee of $99 per year – Note that you can use the money from your Trunited earnings to pay the fee.

How Much Can You Earn As a Trunited Affiliate?

As an affiliate member, you will be earning money from your own purchases as well as from the purchases of your referrals (team members).

An Example of How Much Trunited Affiliate Member Can Make

Lets say Dave has 2 team members (i.e two people were referred to join Trunited by Dave).

Say in the month of May, Dave earned a total of 50 Trunited profit points from his purchases.

One of his team member Michelle earned a total of 25 Trunited profit points.

While another team member, Jane earned a total of 10 Trunited profit points.

The total combined earnings from Dave’s team member = 36 points.

Lets assumed that one Trunited profit point is worth 20 cents ($0.20) in the month of May

Then Dave would earn $0.20 X 50 = $10.0 from his purchases

Also, Dave would earn $0.20 X 36 = $7.20 from his team’s purchases

With this, Dave would have earned a total of $17.20 for the month of May.

Cool right? Yes it is cool but not a lot of money in my opinion – And again it depends on how much money was spent etc.

Is Trunited a Scam

How To Become a Member of Trunited:- Sign Up Process

As mentioned before, It is totally free to sign up for Trunited membership but if you want to earn money by referring people, you would have to pay an annual Trunited affiliate fee of $99.

To sign up, you will have to go to their website and enter your mobile phone number.

Then, a verification code will be sent to you and you will have to use the verification code to create your membership account online.

Be prepared to provide your name and email address and create a password during the membership sign up process.

Note that the Trunited platform can be assessed in both Spanish and English.

Once you are done creating your membership account, try to play around the dashboard to get familiar with the platform.

Is Trunited a Scam? Absolutely Not!

It’s obviously that people are smarter these days as nobody want his/her time to be wasted doing stuffs that doesn’t work.

To genuinely answer the question if Trunited is a scam, I took my time to do thorough research and as well sign up for a membership before writing this review. I have checked and sampled out most of what the past and the current Trunited members are sharing about their experiences.

After doing all these due diligence, I am confident that this is a quality review and Trunited is absolutely LEGIT.

Few of What People Are Saying About Trunited

I read a number of online Trunited review posts. These posts were by current and former members. Many of them are running the Trunited affiliate program.

The Most Common Complaint of Members

  • Most members don’t know how the pay out money is been calculated and they noticed that their pay changes every month. The calculation I explained above is a secret to most members so your a step ahead for reading this review.
  • People felt that the company should be more open about how their pay is been calculated. Some people are like, Trunited is a cheat as their monthly pay kept fluctuating up and down no matter how much their purchases were.
  • Some people complained about Trunited terms of service. People do not like some policies like the Trunited’s right to refuse member’s service. Another one was that the results obtained in Trunited may not be accurate or reliable.

Trunited’s Positive Side from Members

The truth must be told, the majority of the information gathered during my research about Trunited was on the positive side. Most Trunited member that wrote a review about the program were satisfied with their pay and most things.

Even though the money they made were not always a lot but people were happy that getting cash back from their shopping was awesome.

Also, couple Trunited reviewers mentioned that they were making some good money as a Trunited affiliate and according to them, it takes some determination and hard work to reach that milestone of earning sizable income as an affiliate.

My Experience with Trunited

As mentioned earlier, I did sign up for Trunited membership account just to have a real feel of it before putting this review together.

Is Trunited A Scam

Here are My Observations

  • Trunited sign up process is easy and straightforward.
  • I was able to do shopping almost immediately.
  • Searching for goods and services on Trunited platform was easy for the most part.
  • You can use your debit card, credit card etc. to make payment and some participating stores even allow payment via Bitcoin.
  • After I made few purchases, my Trunited profit points total was updated on my dashboard almost immediately.
  • No computer glitches or things like that. Everything was smooth on their website.
  • I did contact the Trunited customer support and they responded with an answer within a one hours. So you can be sure to get your questions answered.
  • Finally, I had a good experience with Trunited and to tell you the truth I wasn’t expecting such a good experience when I decided to sign up for membership.

Final Verdict for Trunited

Trunited is absolutely legitimate and it is truly rare that I give a make money online opportunity a 100% endorsement.

I totally recommend Trunited for people that are looking to get cash back on their purchases and looking to make few extra dollar for free and here are my reasons:-

  • Because it doesn’t cost you anything – It is free.
  • The opportunity as stated on their website is not for profit so no shareholders looking to make money off of you.
  • It has an equal playing field for every member to make money.
  • It would be trustworthy because it is not for profit making
  • Your time converts into how much you can make when you join their affiliate.
  • There is no upline pressure and you can decide how big or small you want to scale your Trunited business.

Are you still wondering, if Trunited is Legit? I am 100% confident in saying YES!

Final note, Trunited is one of the trustworthy make money from home opportunity that is trending lately.

But here is the kicker:- You should not expect to get rich with Trunited. As long as you keep your expectations to not make huge money, then I would recommend that you try Trunited.

But if you’re looking for an income replacement type of opportunity, then check out my #1 recommendation below.

Trunited Better Alternative

This is for someone who is seriously interested in make good money online.

Again, I am a current member of this platform and I am currently making my entire living wage online using this platform that I am about revealing to you.

Note that I started with this platform part-time doing it in my free time but today I am doing this full time from home.

I am an Engineer by trade so if I can do this and succeed, anyone can as well succeed as long as they are ready to learn something new and fun with all the tools and support available on the platform.

And you can get started for free just like I started out.

If you are interested in learning more about that program, click the below to read on.

Is Trunited A Scam



  1. I really really appreciate how well detailed and very specific and well researched this review is.  It comes at a serendipitous time as a person I know only just inquired if I had any insights into the legitimacy of Trunited.  I felt quite ignorant as I had yet to hear of it, and now I feel super confidant with all the knowledge you have distilled in your post.  Thank you for your invested time and unbiased review. Very very helpful!  I will bookmark it and pass it along! 

  2. I think sites like these are really amazing. It is like you are getting free money. I have come across others similar to triunited which is how I know that they can be amazing. The only issue I have with some of these companies is that they don’t allow people from all over the world to be members.

    Some of them restrict some companies. From what I read in this post you mentioned that the platform can be accessed through Spanish and English. Does this mean that the platform is available to only members from Spanish speaking or English speaking countries? 

    • Hi Jay:

      Thanks for reading. It’s available for way more countries around the world. If you go to their website, They listed all the countries it is available.

      Good luck,


  3. I think the cashback idea is good. The problem is that most people are thinking about how they can make money with Trunited. As you well described the payout process, it sounds to me that is a binary program. This is a problem with this type of company because the yearly fee could be made back if only every member continually makes the purchases necessary to get paid. This is relying on people way too much and that’s how those complaints start piling up. I appreciate you took the time to sign up. And personally, I would only recommend as a cashback program and not an opportunity for passive income.

    Great article, good work.

  4. This is a very good review of a make money online opportunity – Trunited. The article contains some important details that someone can use to decide if the program is for them without the need of requiring any other information. You actually did a good job by mentioning that there is a free membership and a paid affiliate one. Also you made it clear that if I choose the free option, I would still be able to make some money.

    I must commend you for also describing an alternative program to make a full time type of money online. I sincerely love the idea that the training they provide helps beginners to get started without any prior knowledge – I love this because most of the time there is so much technical stuff that scares people off. If I have a business that I am promoting, can I still join Wealthy Affiliate and build a website and promote that business?



  5. Hi Tony
    It seems like a truly legitimate place to join but as for making any real money, I’m not so sure.
    I am looking for a business opportunity where I can eventually earn around $2k per week and I am prepared to work hard.
    I did take a look at your no1 recommendation and can see why this is what you say is a great place to grow your own business so I am going to join there for free and take a look around as I feel this is the best option.
    I know it takes time to build a foundation for any business and Trunited seems to have everything already there to use but it seems like a small amount is made over time and is not for this lady
    Thanks for sharing such good honest info and I am excited to see where your link takes me. Off to click now- Go well

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