Is Prosperity of Life a Scam – 2019 Review

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Prosperity of Life Review

Here you go – get the honest review of Prosperity of life today!

There is the possibility that somebody has just suggested to you the incredible opportunity created by Prosperity of Life for prosperity of life reviewyou to plunge yourself into a personal growth program while also earning financial freedom at the same time to live the life of your dream

I would start by congratulating you for taking your time to do your own online due diligence before buying into any of their business strategies designed to take and take your hard-earned money.

I congratulated you because you acted smart. Sadly there are so many scamming programs floating on the internet and so many genuine

people rush into joining such programs without taking the due diligent approach by researching their legitimacy before pressing the start button.

Be rest assured that unlike those Prosperity of Life associates, I’m not here to pitch you anything to buy and I will be completely straightforward with you.

I am going to be providing you with an unbiased third party Prosperity of Life review and the things that the members don’t want you to know would become transparent to you.

So let’s kick start with these two questions.

  1. Is Prosperity of Life a scam?
  2. Are they a get-rich-quick pyramid scheme?

Read about the truth now…

Quick Summary of Prosperity of Life Review

Public Name: Prosperity of Life

Founders: Shane Krider & Rachael Krider (husband & wife)

Product Type: Personal Advancement and Wealth Creation Training plus Network Marketing

Cost: $49.95 + $2,285 + $153 per month + lots of upsells up to $12,950 / product

Best for: The founders and for people who are good at recruiting and ready to spend thousands of dollar to join the Prosperity of Life System

Summary: Prosperity of Life is a high-ticket self development and wealth creation training company that promises to give you a personal life transformation and financial freedom but they are just another selfish and self-promoting scheme with lots of high-ticket upsells. I have solid proof in this review to show you that Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has continued to take action against such programs lately.

Is Prosperity of Life Recommended? No. Findout below…

Rating: 15/100

Prosperity of Life Scam


Intro.. Background into Prosperity of Life

To be honest with you, I am always working on myself to develop every day. I like self developmental programs and pretty much everything related to personal advancement.

To be candid with you, that was the reason why I got so enticed to learn about Prosperity of Life after a sales speech from their associate few months ago.

Quick question for you?

Do you also adore developing yourself, creating a better future for yourself and more importantly finding ways to fashion out an abundant lifestyle for you and your loved ones?

How about Wealth Creation that Prosperity of Life also preaches? Are you intrigue?

I am of the opinion that one of the main reasons for coming to this world is to create wealth and riches to enhance human’s lifestyle.

Mind you, I am not just talking about money alone – Wealth and riches would include good friendship, family, good health and off course money etc.

I am a great believer of living life to it’s fullest in all aspects.

So just like every human beings that want the best in life, it’s okay to be captivated by what Prosperity of Life program preaches – yes I was like you too, I was looking forward to joining them and learning all these good things that they promised.

BUT here is the kicker.

After researching their program in details, I discovered that it’s something deeper than what they actually preach and I won’t want to be a part of such program.

Yes in my review, I will tell you what I uncovered about Prosperity of Life and why I decided not to join them even though their program’s preaching sounds so exciting to me.

Prosperity of Life Business Review

Prosperity of Life is a Network Marketing company promoting and selling self developmental & wealth creation products, such as work from home study courses, online and live events plus event recordings.

They are also known as The Prosperity of Life Network and was founded by the ill-famed couple – Rachel and Shane Krider.

I said ill-famed because of the many ugly history of their fame and wealth. You really need to learn about them before considering joining their program.

I can almost conclude that many of those folks that have joined Prosperity of Life are ignorant people who doesn’t do their own due diligent research before starting such programs.

Few years ago, Shane Krider once ran a network marketing company called Liberty League. The company started well but ended so bad and disappeared with people’s hard-earned money.

It was claimed that Liberty League made more than $5,000,000 (five millions dollars) unethically and a huge lawsuit was filed against Liberty League.

I want to believe you understand what a pyramid scheme is all about.

Primarily it is a system designed for people to pay money into it to join it and there main work after joining is to recruit people to be in their down line and with that they can earn their own money back and make even bigger profits for their upper lines and the owners.

Once people joined they are trapped, so the products and services of any pyramid scheme are often very overpriced and they are sold solely to the members of the system. It is normal and smart for nonmembers not to buy them because they can always get a cheaper product or service in some other places with even much more value.

In a nutshell, pyramid scheme focal point is deception, pretense and deceit.

They try to deceive by capitalizing on one’s abilities and intentions to join the system and for the newbies to recruit as many people as possible to the system.

Shane absolutely brought the entire business model from Liberty League to Prosperity of Life. The only difference this time is that they are more careful and smart about the legal implications.

Over the years, their new business “Prosperity of Life” has continued to undergo name change. They were once called Polaris Media Group and later changed to Polaris Global.

At the moment, they bear 2 names Prosperity of Life & The Prosperity of Life Network – These are all strategies to hide their ugly histories…

What are the Products of Prosperity of Life?

prosperity of life review

The business model typically promotes two main type of products:

  • Digital Products that can be utilized anywhere – home, vacation etc.
  • Live Events and Conferences.

Here is the breakdown of their main digital and live product line called Master of Destinies.

  • M1: Master of Destinies ($2,285) – This is termed a 12-month home study program which claims to transform people’s life by watching recorded content from some of their many seminars.
  • M2: Sovereignty Live ($7,950) – This is termed a 5-day live event on wealth creation. It covers various topics such as how money works, how to invest money, how to have money working for you, the asset allocation, how to pay less tax and many more.
  • M3: Influence Live ($12,950) – This is termed an 8-day live event on advanced personal development & leadership strategies. It covers such topics as how we create our own lives by the thoughts and beliefs we hold, and how you can take control of your life and future. It is the most expensive of all their products.
  • M7 ($4,590) – This is termed recorded content from all additional M2 Sovereignty Live and M3 Influence Live seminars
  • M7 Fast Track ($6,250) – This one is termed a discounted package that includes all M1 and M7 instead of buying them separately – this would amount to a savings of $775.

Question for you – does it really worth it to pay that much money to get these listed products?

Before I answer the question with my honest opinion. Even though I am a firm believer of educational investment, those costs are outrages and ridiculous – you can get these products for a much cheaper cost elsewhere.

Here is my quick comparison.

The popular and successful motivational speaker and personal development coach “Tony Robbins” doesn’t charge that high for his famous products and services even with his billion dollars net worth.

His 4-day Unleash the Power Within cost less than $1,000 in many cases and even his most expensive events like Business Mastery tickets are readily available for less than $5,000.

So why would a less famous company ”Prosperity of Life”, charge people a lot more for this same product?

In my honest opinion, Prosperity of Life is designed to rip people off while making the founders rich.

How Would You Make Money With Prosperity of Life?

Here is how much commission people can earn after joining and making sales for each of the product line listed above

  1. M1 – $1,828
  2. M2 – $5,000
  3. M3 – $8,000
  4. M7 – $3,672
  5. M7 Fast Track – $5,000

No doubt the commissions are attractive but you need to remember that you will have to buy those products and promote them before you can sell them. That means you can only make money on the products that you own personally.

Here is an ugly scenario, say you bought M2 product but was able to sell M3 product then you won’t earn money because you don’t have M3 product. The commission will be passed to your upper line that has the M3 product – sad isn’t it?

This is one of my reasons for saying they are there to rip people off and make profit for themselves.


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Pros and Cons of Prosperity of Life


  • Gain some personal developmental knowledge
  • Not completely a traditional multi level marketing and they do more of internet marketing and less of door to door type marketing


  • Terribly more expensive than programs of equal status in the industry.
  • Terrible commission plan – it’s designed to make the rich richer and the poor poorer
  • It’s a ponzi scheme which is an illicit money making investment that is designed to fail at the end.

…… My final take, Prosperity of Life is using same business model as Digital Altitude and MOBE by providing personal developmental training through internet marketing etc. Both Digital Altitude and MOBE were shut down by FTC in United States so people should expect the same thing to happen to Prosperity of Life in the long run.

I know you’re reading this because you desire and deserve some prosperity and I am here to help you

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Is Prosperity of Life a Scam – 2019 Review

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Tony @wealthdowntown


  1. I was looking for a review on Prosperity of life today. This article had everything I needed to know about Prosperity of life today. I learned what exactly Prosperity of life today is and what can I get from this platform. From this review I understood that this is not really worth my time.

    Thank you so much for this detailed review on Prosperity of life today.

    • Hello Henry,

      Thanks for the visit and kudos to you for the reading and learning something!  Are you wanting to make money online from the comfort of your home? if yes The Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2019 – A SCAM or…….?. Also, remember that you need to be an action taker to be a money maker online. Congratulations on coming across this and If you ever need a hand with anything going forward, Send me quick email and I will get back to you asap.


  2. I am so sick of seeing companies like Prosperity of Life.  There are so many out there now.  Yes, you could probably make some money if you really knew what you were doing.  But for most of us, like me, it would not become a reality.  Oh yeah, I’m not already rich, so how do they think I can afford to pay thousands of dollars hoping to make money eventually?  Huh?  That just makes me so angry when I see things like that going on.  Thank you for opening the eyes of whomever reads your article.  It’s the truth.

    • Thanks for your insightful comment Jessica. I wrote this article so as to help folks out there make an informed decision before falling for companies like Prosperity of Life. I almost signed up with them when I was told about their many developmental programs not knowing that there were more deeper ends that wasn’t revealed to me. Why joining this kind of company when people can leverage their efforts to companies like Wealthy Affiliate and succeed in the online world? Anyways thanks for your visit to my page and if you ever need something about online business in the future do not hesitate to visit us again.


  3. Well i thought I had see all but no this is very expensive scam  for 12 k plus they are going to leave you in a  very deep  hole you can’t come out   you need allot of of upsell and down sell to get out it and still you wouldn’t because you will be making the owners more richer and you and your upsell more poorer this not good to anyone.

  4. Wow, it’s another one of those situations where founders are making money off Person A buying a product and hopefully earning the money back by selling to others. Hopefully. These pyramid schemes never care about those buying into and selling the product, as anyone selling a product shouldn’t have to pay to sell, and that’s what’s going on here. If you need to pay to make a living, it’s a massive red flag. 

    My question is this: How do the same people starting such programs continually get away with them?

  5. Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    Your review of prosperity of life has given me great information, because they have called me twice – on the phone without my permission (I only like their pages on social media, for their inspirational quotes and not their program). I signed up and got a few task to try and do to change my mindset. I felt a bit disappointed with their products – I don’t have time to read it all, so I didn’t carry on. Your review has made up my mind for me, so thanks for the information. 

  6. I have never heard of this company.  I have heard of others like it though.  I feel you did a very thorough job of explaining why this company is not something you should get involved with.  By giving the full disclosure it opens people’s minds to what they need to be aware of.  You did a good job of promoting Wealthy Affiliate.  We all know that this is a company we can trust and believe in.  Thank you for sharing.


  7. Hey Tony,

    Thank you for bringing another Ponzi scheme – Prosperity Of Life to awareness. Those products are incredibly overpriced and it’s very difficult to recoup the investment although it is considered a legit program. People are now better aware of these pyramid schemes and they certainly do their due diligence before embarking on a high investment program. Many people have got their hands burned with Mobe and Digital Altitude.

    l really appreciated your time and honest review of Prosperity Of Life.

    Best wishes 

  8. Hi Tony – very interesting information you provided about the Prosperity of Life opportunity, I was not familiar with this prior to reading your article.  You have provided a lot of great information for people to make an informed decision about whether or not to persue this.  You are very knowledgeable about this topic.

    Nice job,


    • You’re most welcome Michele! Congratulations on stumbling across the article and for gaining the understanding of it.  Truly information is power.

      Have a great day!


  9. Hello,

    Thanks for pointing out to us another multi-pyramid scam. For what I´ve read in your review Prosperity of Life looks like a multi-pyramid scam but, you wrote that it´s not really a pyramid scam but a ponzi scam. 

    Can you explain to us what is the difference between a pyramid scam and a ponzi scam?

    Thank you

    • Hi Veronica:

      Thanks for visiting us at and for your questions. You see, both in ponzi and pyramid scheme, the existing investors are paid by the money of newbies. The big difference between both is that Ponzi scheme participants believed that they are actually earning returns from their investment why pyramid scheme participants are aware that they are earning money by finding new participants. Basically, a Ponzi scheme is an investment trick it is named after Charles Ponzi the 1920s tricker👍


  10. Ouch, up to $12,000 per month. I can invest in stocks and have a way higher chance of making returns. Or even better, I can get more than 20 years of Wealthy Affiliate with that. With 20 years of Wealthy Affiliate and the hard work put in, I’m sure to have made at least a return of 1000%. Definitely not going with this program.

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