Is Organo Gold Coffee a Scam?

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Organo Gold Coffee Review

Hey my friend – here is my honest review of Organo Gold Coffee!Is Organo Gold coffee a Scam?

There is a chance that somebody have mentioned to you the incredible financial freedom opportunity created by Organo Gold Coffee.

I would want to congratulate you for taking your time to do your own careful online due diligence before buying into any of their business strategies.

You would possibly agree with me that one of the top human addictions worldwide is that of a coffee. Some folks cannot just live without their coffee.

Just so you know, Organo Gold is a multilevel marketing MLM program. You might have seen the new opportunity circulating around the different social media platform lately and in this review you’d be learning what it is all about.

According to my thorough research, the main concern so many people have with MLM opportunities is the business structure that closely similar to the popular pyramid schemes.

The questions are these:

  • Is Organo Gold coffee program a pyramid scheme?
  • Would a MLM business opportunity with a coffee as it’s main product be lucrative?
  • How is the market saturation at the moment – under saturated or already over saturated?

If you have been asking yourself or someone about all these questions about Organo Gold, then reading this content is important for you.

After reading this review you are expected to have learned the Organo Gold Coffee compensation plan and all the ingredient details of Organo Gold coffee.

Also, the review will talk about all the Organo Gold health benefits and side effects.

Lastly, I will talk about the important question “how can I make money with Organo Gold Coffee?”

Now, Let’s dive in to details…

When was Organo Gold Coffee Started? The OGC BioGraphy!

The Organo Gold is an international network marketing company that spins around coffee drink. The business opportunity started in Canada in 2008 but now has independent distributors in more than 55 countries around the world.

The business idea started with infusion of the Ganoderma mushroom into coffee product.

The company had an early challenge on how to get to market and distribute the coffee product fast enough to keep up with growth.

The company CEO Bernardo Chua who is from Philippines then brought on board Holton Buggs who was already very successful in network marketing as at then.

This development then relaunched Organo Gold into better results in 2010 and the company is now a multi-billion dollar organization.

The company now has several products such as tooth paste, creams, soaps etc. and the main ingredient in these products is the Ganoderma mushroom.

The ingredient has many health benefits according to Asian culture and can be found in many supplements, skin care products and a host of household products around the world.


Ganoderma mushroom is popularly called “The King of the Herbs” in Asian countries.

In a nutshell, Organo Gold is a Ganoderma company that uses coffee drink as it’s means of transportation.

How Does Organo Gold Works?

Here below is a video I would want you to watch to get an extensive understanding of how what Organo Gold is all about and how the business side of things works.

Are you a coffee lover like me? Could this be a lucrative business opportunity you’ve been waiting for? I promise to do my best to cover the details that would help you make an informed decision going forward and as well give you my final opinion.

The Health Benefits and Side Effects of the Ganoderma Mushroom

Is Organo Gold coffee a Scam?

As a potential Organo Gold business associate, I consider it very important to verify the authenticity of the benefits of the Coffee’s main ingredient – Ganoderma mushroom.

The origin of this plant goes way back in the Asian culture. Dr. Shi-Jean Lee, a Ming dynasty doctor, once said that “the long-term taking of Ganoderma will build a strong and healthy body, and assures a long life”.

According to various scientific studies, the Ganoderma mushroom has been mentioned to have numerous health benefits that includes liver defense, immune system booster, cardiovascular health, Cholesterol reducer, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, urinary tract support and host of other natural health remedies.

Also, the potential side effects from extended use of ganoderma mushroom are upset stomach, bleeding nose, dryness in the mouth, dizzy feelings, irritation and one of the scientific studies mentioned that a pregnant and breastfeeding mom should consult with her doctor before using ganoderma infused products.

Is Organo Gold another Pyramid Scheme?

Here we go to another crucial part of this review: The compensation plan of Organo Gold. The compensation plans of multilevel marketing tend to be very complex as their are various components like downlines, uplines, strong legs, bonuses and many more that members have to master.

If you’ve ever been involved in multilevel marketing businesses like forever living products, Bossgold etc., then those terms won’t be completely strange to you.

But if you are new to this kind of business and you are just looking into a MLM compensation plan for the first time, then you will benefit a lot from the below simple explanation.

The Organo Gold binary system compensation plan is similar to the one many other MLMs uses. The binary system compensation plan typically creates two legs of growth.

As the owner or the uplines, you recruit other people into your business to promote your products & services which is organo Gold Coffee for this case.

Also, the new members that join your team are expected to follow suite by recruiting new members in the same way you have recruited them. The trend goes on and on like that.

Another component is selling. See when you become a member of any MLM, you are expected to first recruit then you sell and recruit even more and more.

The typical big selling point that all network marketing businesses like the Organo Gold Coffee makes is that you are not only going to earn commissions on the products you sell, but also on the products that your downlines sell.

Then as you progress in selling and recruiting members to your team, your business starts to look well like a pyramid scheme.

You will agree with me that compensation plans like this can never be sustainable for a very long term as their would eventually come the breaking point because the business would be saturated and new members would be struggling to make recruitment which would earn them money while the uplines are filthy rich.

Note that the most beneficial group in a MLM business are people that started in the program early.

Is Organo Gold coffee a Scam?

It is also important to know that programs like this are not necessarily illegal as long as a product is being sold. Organo Gold is neither an illegal business and nor is it a scam because they have their bases covered with various products that many people worldwide enjoy.

But here is the catch with binary compensation plans. The recruiters will show you some infrequent big numbers in their presentations that tends not to occur very often in the real world of the business.

The common fact with MLMs is that the vast majority of the new members will run into a dead end at some point in the business. The downlines would not be successful in recruiting new members thus the business would not be profitable for them.

This is a common phenomenon and would be confirmed by the Annual Disclosure Statement of the business.

It is important to know that people only get paid on their lesser leg in a binary system compensation plan and this is a huge set back for the system.

Even though it is really tough to do, make sure you’re growing both legs equally to maximize the earnings potential.

So if you find that one MLM guru in your team who is a recruiting superstar, be sure to add another guru to the other leg, else you will miss out on a good portion of all compensation plan.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Organo Gold?

Is Organo Gold coffee a Scam?

The Organo Gold starter package goes for $49: The starter package contains some samples and few marketing materials like business binder and pamphlets. It is important to know that before you can partake in the compensation plan, you will have to buy a business package and then assist your team to meet the minimum sales requirements.

Note that the package prices can climb up very quickly as listed below.

The Bronze Package:

The Bronze Package will cost you $150 which will get you $150 worth of wholesale Organo Gold Coffee products. You have to maintain a monthly auto ship of the product and this will cost $50/month.

This simply means that you must order some products for yourself every month. Note that when your team meets some specific sales requirements, you will be eligible to earn 10% in the compensation plan.

The Silver Package:

The Silver Pack will cost you $450 which will get you $450 worth of wholesale Organo Gold Coffee products. For this level, you have to maintain a monthly auto ship of the product and this will cost you $100/month.

Also, note that when your team meets some specific sales requirements, you will be eligible to earn 15% in the compensation plan

The Gold package:

This package is the most expensive of all and will cost you $1300 and will get about $1300 worth of wholesale products. Your monthly auto ship for this package is the same as the silver package at $100/month.

Also, you will now be eligible to earn 20% in the compensation plan when your team meets some specific sales requirements.

How To Make Money With Organo Gold?

The main way to make money with Organo Gold is the binary compensation plan described above. Members are going to be making profits on the products they sell as well as the percentage of what the team sells.

Also, their are few other slightly confusing ways to earn few more commissions. Multilevel marketing are known to be particularly notorious for having various ways to earn commissions that only a very small percentage of members actually cash in on.

Below is a brief description of few of these ways.

The Retail Profit

The is a straightforward way of earning money by simply buying a wholesale product and selling it at retail end. Here you might be able to earn profits up to about 50%.

The Fast Track Bonus

This bonus is earned weekly. Members can make from $20 to $120 on each of the Organo Gold Promotional Product Package the sell.

The Unilevel Bonus

This bonus is earned monthly and members can receive the bonuses from the products they ordered and re-orders generated in their team. This can be up to nine levels deep in the downline team.

The Unilevel Matching Bonus

Members can qualify to earn a percentage of the Unilevel Bonus that was earned by their personally sponsored members. Again, this could be up to 4 levels deep in the program.

The Generational Bonus

This bonus is earned monthly and members can earn this bonus as deep as 4th generations of qualified sapphires and above.

The Global Bonus Pool

This is earned monthly but paid quarterly. Here members can qualify in sharing the 3% of the Total Worldwide Unilevel Commissionable Volume.

These are some of the ways you can expect to make money when you buy any of the Organo Gold Coffee packages.

Again, the Organo Gold business is not a scam and they sell real products that members can buy and sell for real profit.

Is Organo Gold coffee a Scam?


As can be seen in the above table, more that 86% of the Organi Gold family make $0 to 599 per year while just 1.52% of less than14%(about 13.7%) of the members made over $100,000.

The above income statement disclosure is slightly misleading as it is only the remaining 13.7% that produces the $600 to $100,000.

At the first peep through the table people usually think that about 33% of all Organo Gold members make anywhere from $600-1000. But in reality, it is only 33% of the remaining 13.7%.

With this table in mind, would you say it is possible to make money with Organo Gold business? Yes would be my answer.

Is it popular to make substantial income replacement money with Organo Gold business. According to the table above, my answer is No.

Organo Gold Coffee Final Verdict

Is Organo Gold a scam? In all honesty, no it is not a scam.

As can be seen highlighted in this Organo Gold coffee review, Organo Gold does offer various products that are infused with the main ingredient “Ganoderma mushroom” with numerous ways for members to make money.

While most of those listed ways to make money are built around recruiting new members into the program, you can still make money without having to recruit people by just selling the Organo Gold products for profit.

Nevertheless, like most multilevel marketing programs, it is very difficult to sustain such business built around a binary system compensation plan. You simply need too many things out of your control to go just right to hit those big bucks.

In my opinion, unless you have passion in recruiting people, you should let go network marketing and multilevel marketing type businesses.

This type of business model have unequal playing field and are not easy to sustain.

If you’re seriously looking for a much more straightforward way to make money online you should consider learning affiliate marketing.

You can run this type of business from anywhere in the world, you don’t need to recruit people, you don’t have to worry about downlines and no need to depend on a team of people to make consistent money.

In a nut shell, you’re the boss of your own business with total control of how you want to scale it to suit your lifestyle.

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Is Organo Gold Coffee a Scam?

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  1. Hi there, this was a very insightful post with lots of information presented on the Organo Gold Coffee business. I’m glad to hear that the product itself has several health benefits due to the mushroom, that makes it stand out as a product I think as well as a business opportunity. Thank you for the breakdown you provided on the associated costs of the programme and possible earning potential, this is very useful to make an informed decision about this particular product.

    • Hi Cindy:

      I am happy the article was able to provided you with the needed information for an informed decision.

      Thanks for reading,


  2. I heard about this from a friend at work but wanted to do more research before I signed up under him. After reading this review, I’m glad I took the time to do my due diligence. I was concerned that this was similar to other MLM companies that I have heard of before and now I know that it is. It’s too bad. I like my friend from work; however, not enough to get pulled into a situation that is going to cost me countless money month after month. Thanks for this helpful review and the #1 recommended way to make money online, I have just signed up for the free account.


  3. Thanks for the unbiased review. Organo gold coffee in my opinion is more of mlm with a scam intention. Most mlm do promise bogus rewards and commissions, but in the end only the high ranking officials got the chunk of the juice. In my opinion this is near scam as much as it could be.

    i have decided to not subscribe to programs or product of the  mlm status.

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