Is GoDaddy a Scam? – Here is my 2019 GoDaddy True Review

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Hey Guys, I won’t lie to you, GoDaddy is huge!Is GoDaddy a Scam? – Here is my 2019 GoDaddy True Review

If you’re a Canadian or United State’s resident or even a Super Bowl fan from around the world, you might have seen their advertisement many times especially during the Super Bowl game.

GoDaddy actually claimed to be the world’s leading website builder and domain registrar.

Despite their huge success, there are a lot of complaints about their products and services.

Today, you will learn if GoDaddy is a scam or not and probably if they are the best in the industry.

GoDaddy Overview

Name: GoDaddy

Founded: 1997 – That’s about 22 years ago

Industry: Website Building, Domain Registering & Website Hosting

Overall Rank: 78 out of 100

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Anyways let’s dig in to learn more about GoDaddy.

What is GoDaddy? or Who is GoDaddy?

GoDaddy is a popular American domain registrar and website hosting platform. They have served over 17 million customers, have over 5,000 employees globally and they are known for their over-the-top advert, especially during the Super Bowl commercials. According to my research, GoDaddy manages over 60 million domains, with an annual revenue of about 2 billion dollars.

GoDaddy Products and Costs:

  • Membership/Year: $4.99. This allows members to bid and purchase GoDaddy auctions, and list domain names on sale at $0 cost
  • Basic Website: $3.99 per month. This package gives members access to 1 website with 10GB storage using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
  • Deluxe Website: $4.49 per month. This package gives members access to 1 website with 15GB storage using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
  • Ultimate Package: $7.99 per month. This package would give you access to 2 websites with 30GB storage using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.
  • DEVELOPER Package: $13.99 per month. This package would give you access to 5 websites with 50GB storage using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla etc.

Is GoDaddy a Scam? – Here is my 2019 GoDaddy True Review

Note: GoDaddy Web Hosting services are cheap but the quality isn’t always the best.

GoDaddy’s Pros and Cons


  •  A one-stop shop offering both the domain registering and website hosting
  • Ability to build a WordPress integrated website
  • The packages are cheap at just $0.99 per year for domain registration plus $3.49 per month for a basic website


  • They have a very poor track record of shutting down phishing problems
  • They have a track record of low quality websites
  • The advertisements are a bit vulgar and misleading which may make visitors think less of your website if they know it is hosted with GoDaddy
  • The search engine optimization (SEO) score may suffer through no fault of your own if a search engine like Google finds low-quality sites hosted on GoDaddy and decides to devalue all websites on that domain – You can’t control this problem
  • Again, your SEO may drop due to GoDaddy hosting on a custom hosting panel. In short, search engines prefer better domain hosts like Wealthy Affiliate or Bluehost
  • The GoDaddy’s 100GB storage limit for a basic website is really small, especially considering some web hosting services offer unlimited storage as standard

Is GoDaddy a Scam? – Here is my 2019 GoDaddy True ReviewShould you use GoDaddy for your business website or not?

No you should not use GoDaddy to build and host your business website

Why is that? Please read along for details

You see in today’s modern world, there isn’t anything more important to your business as your website.

Therefore, building and designing your website should not be taken for granted.

To have a successful business, you need to do everything you can to develop the most effective webpage as possible for your business. This way you can ensure that your business is as successful as possible.

Haven’t said that, you would also need to avoid potential pitfalls or else your business will suffer the consequences.

Now what sort of pitfalls should you be avoiding?

To be specific, my number one would be – do not use GoDaddy!

I know what you are thinking now?

You would like to know more about GoDaddy and the reasons why you should not use them

GoDaddy is a popular website building, hosting and domain registering platform as have said earlier. They sure have website building tools that allows businesses to build their own website.

The reason behind their being popular wasn’t because they offer high quality product and services but because they spend a lot of money on advertisement to trap people and businesses.

As a result of their being big in advertising, most small business that find themselves in need of a website, GoDaddy is typically one of the first website building company that comes to their mind and usually the one that they end up using.

Hey, my friend reading this article today, do not make this huge mistake for your business

GoDaddy is not worth your time and money, and they would end up earning your business with out helping your business.

Is GoDaddy a Scam? – Here is my 2019 GoDaddy True Review

Why Should You Stay Away From GoDaddy?

Here are my 3 main reasons

1). LACK OF FLEXIBILITY FOR YOUR BUSINESS WEBSITE: Their website builder might have lots of premade design template that seems great for the design of your business website but there is a major downside.

You have zero creative control when it comes to changing your business website template.

This simply means that once you pick up the premade template to use, you’re stuck with it for life as you won’t be able to switch to other template without losing all your contents.

If you’re wanting your website to stay ahead of the quality leads, you need to be able to continually update the quality of your website template so as to be able to make the first and right impression to your customers and visitors.

So for your website template to standout, stay away from GoDaddy.

2). RELIANCE ON THIRD PARTY TOOLS: I will be frank with you my friend, Godday’s website development isn’t their bread and butter.

As a result, their website builder is missing a lot of common functionality tools that typically help small businesses website to be successful.

Some of these common functionality are traffic thriving tools like maps, newsletters, privacy and business protection etc.

However, GoDaddy does allow you to incorporate this tools into your website but here is the kicker – YOU HAVE TO USE THEIR THIRD PARTY APPLICATIONS.

This simply means that you will be responsible for properly using those applications

In order words, if you don’t do it right or if you have problem incorporating them properly then GoDaddy is not responsible

This shows that GoDaddy doesn’t really care about the success of the product or service that your are paying for

As a result, GoDady doesn’t really do the time consuming and challenging work of the service that they are providing for you

The design work of your website is left for you without any concrete support after you’ve paid for the service

3). SLUGGISH MOBILE RESPONSIVENESS OF THEIR WEBSITE: Nowadays, having a mobile responsive website that can be viewed on deskstops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones is essential for the success of your business

And while GoDaddy’s website builder can automatically convert your website to a mobile friendly interface, their mobile display is very basic at the best

And a poor mobile display is a major issue for any business website

Typically consumers expect businesses mobile website to look just as high quality as they do on a deskstop computer but GoDaddy’s mobile website do not offer this same quality

And as a result of this, the basic mobile version of your business’s GoDaddy website can actually harm your business

Is GoDaddy a Scam? – Here is my 2019 GoDaddy True Review

Is GoDaddy Worth it? – For Your Business Website?

Are you looking for a better website building option for your business?

If you are looking for something very cheap and maybe not so reliable website builder, definitely yes, go for GoDaddy

Determining to build a very high quality website that is mobile friendly for your business is one of the most important  and hardest decision that you would ever made for your business to succeed

Hopefully, after reading through this review, you’ve realised that GoDaddy isn’t the right answer to develop a high quality website for your business

So who do you hire or use to develop your business’s website?

Are you searching for an effective, reputable, affordable and supportive platform to develop your business’s website?

Are you are looking for a high quality website building platform with 24/7 support at a great price or even for FREE? If yes is your answer

Check out my #1 Recommended alternative Here

Is GoDaddy a Scam? – Here is my 2019 GoDaddy True Review

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  1. Hi Tony,

    thanks for sharing your GoDaddy review.  This was the first website hosting platform that I came along back in 2015 when I wanted to make a website for the bookstore that I owned back then.  However, I was not intrigued by what they had to offer.  

    Also, I did no like the fact that I needed to make the website and I had never done it.  It looked pretty difficult for me back then to do so, and I was on a tight budget to be able to have someone make a website for me and keep it up to date.  So in the end I just let it go and never came across GoDaddy again,.

    In 2017 while looking for ways to make money online, I stumbled across WA and it has really opened my eyes and I am a proud owner of a few websites that I built myself without paying anyone to do it, plus the excellent hosting service they have.

    Thanks for a great review,


  2. I first used GoDaddy for hosting my webpage and sincerely it’s not a product I’ll recommend for anyone. I used GoDaddy because it was cheap at the time but after paying for some third-party software I found out it was just as expensive. I also got a lot of complaints about my site being slow and GoDaddy customer service representative did not do much about it. It’s probably not the same for everyone but I won’t be using GoDaddy anymore.

  3. This is such a detailed  review of Go Daddy, I have really been seeing adverts of it on the internet but have never really been so interested.  The fact that they rely on third party tools makes me wary of my website security.  Wealthy Affiliate gives the best hosting and flexibility to have many websites with a great online community.

  4. Thanks for this great and unbiased review about  Go daddy platform. This is the first time am hearing about Go daddy and I find your review highly informative, i wouldn’t advice anyone to venture into it. Am a member of wealthy affiliate already and I can say it is the best place to build online business. 

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