Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam

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Bulletproof Profits Review

Note that this is going to be a comprehensive review of Bulletproof Profits and I am going to talk pretty much about Is Bulletproof Profits A Scameverything you need to know about the make money at home opportunity to help you decide if it worth joining or not.

In the past few months, I have been asked and as well came across so many questions about Bulletproof Profits.

Questions like:

Is Bulletproof Profits a Scam?

Is Bulletproof Profits real?

Is Bulletproof Profits Legit?

How much money can I make with Bulletproof Profits? etc.

Bulletproof Profits Overview

Product Name: Bulletproof Profits


Price: $9 plus Upsells

Overall Rating: 2.0 / 10

Is Bulletproof Profits Recommended: Decide for yourself from details below, Personally – No

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam

Can You Make With Bulletproof Profits?

I actually did a lot of research and observed my due diligence before writing this review. I must tell you that straight away from watching the introductory video on their website, I saw some red flag immediately.

Due to the fact that I have been in the make money online world for some long time now, it is pretty easy for me to quickly identify scams!

I saw a lot of the typical make money online marketing tricks to lure people into purchasing product from their website – it’s just too obvious!

Example would be when they mentioned in their video that an exclusive gift is waiting for you so you have to stay tuned at the home page. This is absolutely one of their ways of setting down an expectation so that people will want to watch the entire video to the end to potentially see how to unwrap the “fake gift”.

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam

Another huge RED FLAG for me was when they mentioned that people are going get money paid into their bank account by just watching their videos and by tapping into their secret online goldmine.

To be frank with you, Bulletproof Profits is more like another famous get rich quick scheme that makes endless promises that are very unrealistic. It may sound very fascinating and tempting to try this program so as to make lot of money and be rich quickly but I will like you to know that there are no more free money online lately.

It takes effort and time to build wealth and that is the true reality that you may have to register at the back of your mind for remembrance whenever you come across flashy opportunities like Bulletproof Profits online – They are almost always fake when they sound too good.

It doesn’t sound intriguing to me that I would be able to make $3,750 with just 7 clicks if I start today and this is one of the creepy statement they made to lure people into the program.

In a nutshell, Bulletproof Profits doesn’t work like the owner Justin described it because you are not going to get a system that would make you money the same day you get started with it.

People need to know that this type of system is basically designed to make money for the owner and the few people who joined at the time it was started. This type of program doesn’t always work for newbies or the folks who are joining after several months it was initially started.

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam

Be informed that if you end up buying into such program as Bulletproof Profits, you will receive some training on how to earn money from Amazon but the level of training provided would not be enough to make the kind of money they promised you.

Again, the sales presentation was designed to make you believe that you are joining a system that you need to start making money online but once you are a member you would realize that it’s all lies and there is nothing like the one they promised you when you get inside the platform.

There are a bunch of videos and text messages with generic information in the members’ area to help get you started but be informed that you will not get anything special like you were being told before joining.

And the sad thing is that no matter how hard the way you try to make some money with the program, there is no possible way to start making money immediately after getting started.

You might be able to make some penny over time but the question is does that worth your time and energy? Are there not other better options?

Bet there are way better options you can be sure to earn a steady and sustainable income.

Read along to find out better alternative.

Is It True That You Would Only Have To Pay $9 To Join

Hey folks, if you spend your nine dollars to buy into Bulletproof Profits membership, you should expect to get bombarded with all sort of upsells worth hundreds of dollars in no time.

This type of get rich quick scheme typically want people to believe that they will receive a lot of returns for a low price investment but once people made the first commitment by paying the $9, they will now try to get more money from them in other ways – It’s called hidden fees.

Based off my internet experience, I can tell you that it would make no sense that Bulletproof Profits would sell you a valuable product for only $9. If it were to be real, they would sure try to get way more money than $9 from each new member, and this is not to mention that they would still try to explore new members’ as much as possible for this one.

Another thing you would need to take into consideration before joining Bulletproof Profits would be the cost of building the business.

Here is an example, if you want create a website or develop an online store, you will have to purchase a unique domain name and then host it.

In Bulletproof Profits case, would those cost be included in the $9?

I must tell you that I don’t like the fact that Bulletproof Profits is not transparent about the cost because being aware of the total required cost for a new business is very crucial to make the final decision to go forward or not.

But here for Bulletproof Profits, they are only doing their marketing in such a way to make people believe that they only need to invest just the $9 and then they will start making money.

Here is another lie they are telling people!

Look at that WARNING details below, it is one of their ways to lure people into the business by claiming that the video will be removed on April 28, 2019 (the day I updated this article), you should try to visit their website as you read this article it would tell you the same story using today’s date instead.

In a nutshell, nothing is true about this program and that you will not have the chance to access that page again if you leave today is a FAT lie. Reserve me the benefit of the doubt by even checking it out next month and I am 100% sure that nothing would have changed except the FRAUD WATCH takes the website down!

Be sure that Bulletproof Profits is using a fake scarcity tactic that online scammers uses to make people buy into their system.

Bulletproof Profits Fake Testimonies

If you go to their home page, there was a whole section that supposedly has “Live Social Proof” of Bulletproof Profits members’ claiming to have made lots of money using the system.

Hmm, these are all fake testimonies!

Lots of them sounded too generic based off my experience in the online world, so I decided to run a reverse image search check on one of the testimonies and it came back to just be a random lady.

I think they either selected this image to create a profile on one of the social media platforms and then wrote a Bulletproof Profits testimony or they just placed the image next to an already created testimony.

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam? – Final Verdict

Bulletproof Profits expels a lot of lies and highly misleading information in order to get people to buy into the program.

Even though that the program might have some useful information that could help people make money, it is going to be very far from what they claimed on their website.

Would I say that Bulletproof Profits is a scam?

Irrespective of whether I would call Bulletproof Profits a scam or not, the program is misleading and it is not close to an online business opportunity that I would ever recommend to my readers to join.

Do I have an alternative way for people that are genuinely looking to sustainable income online?

YES I do, Read below

Bulletproof Profits Better Alternative

This section of the article is for someone who is seriously interested in make good money online.

Again, I am currently a member of the platform I am about to introduce, and I am currently making my entire living wage online using this platform that I am about revealing to you.

Be informed that I started with this platform part-time doing it in my free time but today I am doing this full time from home.

Also, I am an Engineer by trade so if I can do this and succeed, anyone can as well succeed as long as they are ready to learn something new and fun with all the tools and support available on the platform.

And you can get started for free just like I started out.

If you are interested in learning more about that program, click the below to read on.

Is Bulletproof Profits A Scam


  1. This review on the bulletproof profits is a good one. The fact of paying nine bucks shows their tactics. Upsell till you buy or die. I really wonder how this scammers stay active. But this also makes me think about their marketing. It seems bulletproof profits knows their market. The alternative seems interesting. What can you tells us about it?

  2. Thanks for exposing another potential scamming product with this your bulletproof review. I had heard about this product from a colleague in school and right from the go I could point at red flags, just that I didn’t want to base on assumptions. Now, I’m very happy that your post has confirmed my suspicion. All these big money claims are mere lies. Who will throwaway such huge converting money making product for just $9. Its outrageous!  

    thanks for sharing this post

  3. Making use of fake testimonials is one big redflag with scam websites and the fact that bulletproof profits also make use of these type of testimonials just shows that they cannot be trusted. There is no way I can buy into a product like this and end up losing my money. It is definitely a scam and should by all means be avoided. 

    If they were a legit business and were actually making people a lot of money then I don’t really see why they should make use of fake testimonials because that just makes us to be suspicious of them.

  4. Thanks for writing such detail post about bulletproof profits! The fact that they are using fake testimonials pretty much tells what they really are. Appreciate your effort to try run a reverse image search on their testimonials profile. A legit program will be transparent of all the associated cost and I don’t like how they are claiming the program costs only $9 and avoid talking about the hidden fee. Thank you for warning others and keep up the good work!

  5. Hi, Tony and thanks for the heads up about this platform and you are absolutely right.  I just checked out the website video and “I have to hurry and watch the video before this offer runs out at midnight tonight” and, you were right. The date was the 29th.  I’ll check it tomorrow and I bet it will say the 30th.

    It’s too bad that we can’t communicate with these people to let them know that there is a better and LEGIT way to make on the internet that will last and keep them out of jail.

    Another thing I wonder about is whether or not Justin is really the owner’s name. Typically, people who do this kind of thing don’t want their real name to be known and will either change it or won’t even include it in their promotion.

    Buying your own domain can cost $$$ depending on where you get it and Hosting can cost $100’s more per year.

    One last thing… I started my own search to make money online 3+ years ago and I saw several of these BIG PROMISE platforms. Something in me said don’t do it.  Then I read several reviews about your alternative method and I am so glad I joined.  I had no idea there were so many scams out there until I joined.

    I just want to say, “Thanks again.” for bringing this to our attention,


    • Hi Wayne:

      Thanks for reading the article and for sharing your rich experiences on the comment section. I totally agree with you that Justin might just be fake name of the Owner.

      Also, congratulations on finding a genuine way to make money online.

      My #1 Recommendation for people just starting out is Wealthy Affiliate cos of the valuable training and support they would get plus it is Free to start with the Starter Package.

      All the best bud,


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