How To Travel Around The World For Free

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Hey guy, this article is a bonus for my readers. The content will reveal all the hidden Airline Loophole that you can capitalize on to travel the world for free or for a highly discounted flight cost like booking an international flight that would normally cost you $1,000 for just $20.

Sounds awesome right? Access details below!

This content would worth reading for you if you have places around the world that you would want to visit but you don’t want money to keep you from doing those trips or even if money wasn’t a problem but you still want to visit those destinations for FREE.

I actually remember what it feels like for people to want to travel for holidays, vacations or visit friends and families but not being able to do so because it is too expensive.

I am so thankfully that I haven’t had such feelings in a very long while. For the past few years now, I have been able to travel anywhere in the world without flight money being a problem.

So I know it is 100% possible for you too if you follow this guide.

All you would need to do is to learn how the frequent flyer system works and once you have been able to do that, you will unlock a whole world of discounted local and international flight for yourself and your family.

Listed Below are what you will learn in this travel for free course:

Travel For Free Section 1:

Discover How To Boost Your Credit Score For Good

You need to have an averagely good credit score to optimally implement this strategy. This section of the travel for free course will teach you how to achieve this. You will learn:

How To Travel Around The World For Free
  1. How the author (Derek – The professional Travel writer) took his credit score from below 550 to over 750 using this simple but yet a proven strategies.
  2. 5 key credit score factors that banks or credit card companies typically focus on.
  3. The few things you can do if you have limited credit history so you can quickly start building credit score.
  4. One main thing to do to boost your credit score by up to 100 points in just a few days and can be repeated.
  5. Discover how the travel for free system will eventually helps grow your credit score while earning you some free vacations.

Travel For Free Section 2:

Discover The Good Credit Cards and Points

Here you will discover how to accumulate travel points using the best credit cards for the particular trip that you want to do.

How To Travel Around The World For Free
  1. Learn the three different types of frequent flyer points & which of them are the best for the destinations of the world you are planning to travel to.
  2. The few best credit cards that you would need to get first (else you will not be able to get them again)
  3. The one good thing that you should do to automate your credit payments so that you will never have to worry about missing the payment deadline.
  4. Derek’s 3 main sites to find credit cards that will give you thousands of points just for getting them.
  5. A simple to use spreadsheet that will help you to keep track of all your travel points & credit cards etc.

Travel For Free Section 3:

Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Getting Credit Cards Approval

Here you will learn all you need to do to get approved for the best credit cards that will help you implement this travel for FREE strategy. You will also learn all you need to do after getting approvals to maintain a great score.

See details of what you will expect to learn below.

How To Travel Around The World For Free
  1. Best day of the month to pay off your credit card balances – Note that this will impact your credit score and your card approval.
  2. Learn how the way to unlock a direct talk to the person that decides whether to approve your credit card applications.
  3. Learn what to say and what not to say to lenders to increase your chances of getting approval.
  4. How often & when you need to apply for new credit cards. The number of cards/year that you should apply for and it’s corresponding free flights number.
  5. How to apply and get business credit cards that often have very high travel mile bonuses even if you are not a business owner.

Travel For Free Section 4:

Ways to Hit the Spending Requirement and Unlock Your Travel Miles

Here in the travel for free guide, you will learn a very crucial part of the strategy which is how you can unlock the spending requirement needed to get your bonus travel miles for the credit card company.

How To Travel Around The World For Free
  1. You will agree with me that most of the credit cards providers typically have a spending requirement that you must hit before they give you your bonus travel miles. Here is an example: “New card owners needs to spend $2,500 in 90 days to unlock 60,000 miles” – this was exactly what was stated on my last credit card and it was enough bonus travel miles for a round trip international flight from North America to Europe for my partner and I)
  2. Discover how to hit these new card spending requirements easily without incurring additional expenses to your lifestyle.
  3. Discover the 3 easiest ways to artificially add expenses to your credit cards legally without actually spending more money so that you can meet your spending requirement target.
  4. Discover a way to put your monthly rent/mortgage premium on your credit card even if your landlord does not accept the use of credit cards for rent – Note that this strategy alone could be enough to meet all your spending requirements or at least get you closer to it)

Travel For Free Section 5:

How to Knock out Credit Card Fees and Make 100% Free for You

Typically the type of card that would unlock you thousands of travel miles usually have yearly fees. This section of the travel for FREE course will teach you how to eliminate this fees.

How To Travel Around The World For Free
  1. Discover this magic phrase that you will say to your card provider that will make them ask you for your full permission to waive the annual fee for your card.
  2. Not implementing this part into your strategy will defeat the purpose of the overall strategy and make your providers charge you 100s of dollars a year.
  3. Discover another thing that you can do if the bank refuse to eliminate the card fees. Note that with this you still won’t have to pay any credit card fees.
  4. Discover ways to knock out fuel surcharges and taxes from your flight bookings.
  5. Discover the awesome and legal ways to knock out foreign transaction fees, ATM fees and interest fees on your credit cards and make Vacation trips 100% Flying Free.

Travel For Free Section 6:

Discover How To Book Flights with Travel Miles Easily and Effortlessly.

You will agree with me that booking flights with travel might could be challenging if you have done it before. This is on purpose as the airline company uses this strategy to discourage people.

Here are things that you will learn in this section that will make your life easy.

How To Travel Around The World For Free
  1. Learn the easy step by step flight booking process using travel miles.
  2. The best times to book flights with miles – This hint would help you save your travel miles and use it for more trips
  3. Discover the travel sites to use for booking flights using travel miles – both local and international trips!
  4. Discover ways to book flights with various airlines even if you don’t have their frequently flyer travel miles.

Travel For Free Section 7:

Access to Video Examples of Live Bookings

How To Travel Around The World For Free
  1. Discover the Free 2019 most advanced website for finding booking flight tickets with travel miles.
  2. Discover ways to find hidden flight deals that don’t usually show up on the airlines’ websites (e.g.,,, etc.)
  3. Discover the one airport you must avoid in order to not pay 100s in fuel surcharges – It’s a major airport and a lot of people make this mistake of flying through the airport.
  4. Discover ways to change a 2 hour stop in an airport to a free 1 or 2 or 3 week stop so that you can see a new city or even country for free without having to spend any more cash or travel miles.
  5. Gain access to 5 video demonstrations of how to book flights using travel miles.

This opportunity is not for everyone but for the few people that are fascinated about traveling the world for FREE.

If you are one of those folks, you can get access to the whole course for only $47 one time fee today by click the below.

How To Travel Around The World For Free

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How To Travel Around The World For Free

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How To Travel Around The World For Free


  1. Wow! I’ve been traveling ever since I graduated from undergrad, however, I’ve been paying for it. I’m so glad I came across your blog because you have so much good information on how to travel for free. I noticed that you stated to pay your rent/mortgage with a credit card even if your landlord does not accept credit, have you ever done this before? I think this is something I’m going to invest in for $47. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Nia: Thanks for stopping by to read the article and for leaving your comment. Yes, this is one of the coolest and legitimate things you would discover in your sign up for the course. I trust you be happy for investing in the course like I was when I found it few years ago. 



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