How To Make Money Blogging For Free

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Hey guys, I know there are many guides on the topic “How to make money blogging”, but here is what makes this How To Make Money Blogging For Freearticle different from all others

The article is written by a living witness as I have taken 2 different blogs to over six figures per year. In fact, the blog you are reading right now has generated a little over $0.45 million.

And in this particular article, I am going to give you a step-by-step tips showing you exactly how I did it, starting from zero experience.

Okay let’s get rolling..

How to Make Money Blogging – My Step By Step Process for Newbies

Hey if you are just starting out from scratch and with no experience, traffic or influence, it is common for people to wonder.

Question: Is it rational and logical for you to believe in yourself that you can make money blogging?

How do blogs even make bloggers real money? is it Ads? Or something else?

You’re about to find out answers to these lingering questions my friend.

Okay, let us take a look at exactly how I did it at WealthDowntown. Here unleashed for you is my complete step by step process on how to make money blogging:

1). You need to choose a profitable niche.

How To Make Money Blogging For Free


Hey my friend, I know you are seriously looking forward to changing your life for better and that is the reason why you are reading this article now.

If the above statement is true then allow me to be totally blunt with you

  • Your expertise doesn’t equal profit nor your passion here
  • Working really hard doesn’t mean you will make it here

And yes you heard me right with those two statements…

See you can be the world’s top-level expert on square shaped potatoes.

Probably you always wake up every morning with a burning desire/passion to enlighten the masses on their vast superiority to regular shaped potatoes, and you work until your fingers bleed – typing and your eyes fall out of your head – reading, while also following all the proper tactics for growing a popular blog but you’ve never had a chance in hell at making any money yet.

Hey my friend, I have been there before and here is the reason why:-

  • Nobody under the planet earth but you give a damn about square potatoes
  • Even if people do care, they probably wouldn’t spend their hard earned money on it

In a nutshell, you require a large audience who buys things and without that, nothing else really matters.

Why is that? Because it is the prerequisite for everything else.

In the case of WealthDowntown, I was lucky to discover really early that bloggers buy a lot of different things

Check out the below blogging categories

how to make money blogging for free

There are many companies with over $10 million plus per year of revenue in most of those listed categories and it is also a growing space with millions of people checking in every time:

sure I do agree that there exist loads of competition out there.

Whether it be the owners of the popular wealthy affiliate Kyle & Carson or my online entrepreneur mentor Roop Clark or my good friends over at Super pro blogger, or the CA gazillion “blogging about blogging”.

See the truth must be told, lots of folks are infesting the social media space, everyone’s intention is to snag a piece of the pie.

Not just that, they also had a several year head start over me and you.

Question: How did I compete and still make real money blogging? Find my honest answer as you read along.

2). Boost Up Your Content Skills

You have probably heard the popular saying that Content is King .. Right? And yes this is true to some level as a more accurate statement would be “The Best Content Is a King”.

In case that statement is difficult to understand, I will want you to think about it this way…

So many bloggers sit down and think, “What am I going to blog about today”? Majority of them pen down some thoughts, doing their best to be original, helpful and entertaining to the readers.

And some of them that are disciplined might stick around doing that for a few months or a year.

But it almost never works for vast majority and here are a few reasons for that

  1. What you want to write about isn’t what most people want to read about
  2. They were not using a sustainable content framework
  3. The article written aren’t the best ever published on the topic/niche

Understood? Yes, I know it isn’t your fault as until today, chances are that no one ever mentioned this to you about those bogging requirements.

Most bloggers thought they just had to blog about interesting topics and publish it online.

No that’s not it! Actually Capital NO Man!!

Here is the blatant truth, you having some good ideas and powerful writing skills isn’t enough.

To excel in this blogging game, you have to create the best content ever published on the said topic that lots of folks out there are interested in learning more about – Yes you heard me right!

I know what you thinking now… How am I going to know what people want to learn about?

Haha… Research… Research… Research!

There are few good tools like JAAXY that can help you achieve your research needs.

You can text drive the Jaaxy research tool by typing in your niche.


And you can join the starter package of jaaxy platform for free by visiting

Now this brings me to highlighting the 3 key levels of good content creation

  • Think about what topics are the most popular in your niche area and then write exclusively about these topics
  • You need to develop proven frameworks that will make your content more popular
  • You need to make sure that your content/article delivers more value to the reader than any other post published on that particular topic

I know! you’re probably thinking oh Geez!! That sounds so hard!!! And you’re right, you have to give it your best to fly in rainbow colours.

I personally spent about two years developing my blogging skills before I decided to start my own blog page.

See, I am not saying you need two years training to get it right blogging. It doesn’t have to take that long.

I’m just a perfectionist, so I wanted to learn the nitty gritty from the best folks in my space before starting out.

And I never regretted learning first – Nowadays, my articles get hundreds of thousand of traffic and some even millions of visitors, not because I know some special trick but because I learned and now good at blogging.

In fact, I want to say that blogging is really no really different from other work as the more of a bad ass you’re, the better it is for you to earn some income.

So do you really want to know how to make some money blogging?

If yes, then you need to become a Badass in the game.

3). Discover the Traffic Sport to Play

When you’re just starting out, getting traffic can be really confusing.

Should one concentrate on optimizing keywords or growing a social media platform like Twitter or Facebook page or asking comments on blogs or responding to questions on forum platforms Quora or even creating videos on YouTube?

The questions goes on and on.

There are a few traffic tactics available out there and everybody is saying theirs is the best.

Here is a data from

How To Make Money Blogging For Free

Referral Traffic Sources – Google & Facebook dominate

You will agree with me that all the traffic for the written content in the above image comes from either Google or Facebook and the combined remaining sources don’t even come close to competing with those 2 Giants.

So now the question is, how would you get Facebook and/or google to send a bunch of traffic to your blog page?

To answer your question, there are two ways and both google and Facebook likes one option more than the other

  • Option 1 you can pay for it.
  • Option 2 you can earn it by working hard and smart.

Chances are that you’re reading this blog about how to make money blogging for free because you don’t want to pay for traffic – right?

Okay, imagine this analogy

Let say there is a platform where all the bloggers in your niche go to compete for traffic.

That means the total number of other contenders you defeat determines the amount of traffic you will receive – I hope that makes sense right?

That is to say, getting traffic to your blog page is a sport.


  1. Because there will always be winners and losers
  2. To be a winner, you have to attain the needed training
  3. During the game, you need to study your opponents and capitalize on their weakness

Are you getting it now?

For this case, there are actually two sports, and I am sure that you have heard about both of them before

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Going viral on Facebook.

Both of them take long period of study to master but one thing that I am really sure of is that you can start getting pretty decent traffic to your blog page after just a few months of study and practice.

I like SEO more and trust me, it is NOT Rocket Science – Get your blog page ready for SEO here

So which one of these two giants should you focus on?

Let’s be prudent – here are two questions that should guide your decision

  1. Would your niche be something your friends and family regularly talk about on platforms like Facebook? Examples: Cars, pets, politics, self-improvement, raising family and healthcare. If yes, concentrate on playing the viral traffic sport on Facebook.
  2. Would your niche be something people actively search for information about on internet using Google, Bing or Yahoo? Examples: How to work from home, product and services reviews, specific expertise questions, how to… bla bla questions. If yes, concentrate on SEO.

Remember that for most niches, you can actually utilize both but one would certainly dominant the other so focus more on the dominant one.

For example in the blogging world, things like grammar occasionally goes viral on Facebook just because people like to criticize people about their grammatical errors or bad English.

But you rarely see people talk with their friends and family about blogging, WordPress themes, affiliate marketing, or any other blogging niches.

However, you will see people searching on Google for those topics.

Conclusively, the blogging niches is heavily dominated by searching.

For clarity and comparison purpose, here is a breakdown of traffic from social media platform like Facebook and organic sources like

How To Make Money Blogging For Free

As can be seen from that image, I pretty much ignore the traffic from socials like Facebook.

The number of traffic available there comes nowhere near the one from search engines like google. With that, I concentrate my effort on google by keeping my SEO and stuffs up to date. I’m actually a geek about it – Smile.

Not bragging – throw me in a room full of google specialist and I would probably know more than half of them.

4). Grow Your Email List with Pop Up Forms

You must have likely seen pop ups few times when reading blogs and they could be very annoying huh?.

How To Make Money Blogging For Free

Click Here to Kick Start an Email List that Will SkyRocket

Pop ups usually get in the way when you’re trying to read an article online.

They ask people (readers) to provide sensitive information like their name, email and contact number.

At times readers just have to deal with the many pop ups on the same blog page and it can make people feel irritated.

Yes, I know all that sucks and you have every right to be angry in my opinion.

But here is the kicker that many people don’t know about…

The pop ups brings the money either now or in the future. Email listing is the best predictor of the revenue for a blog page.

For your information, see the breakdown of email list revenue at WealthDowntown.

Rule of thumb is that you should expect to make at least $0.5 to $1 per email subscriber per calendar month.

That being said, if you have 10,000 email subscribers, you can expect to make $5,000 to $10,000 per month.

It should be obvious now that growing your email list should be a top priority. Even if you feel conflicted about using pop ups,

what are you supposed to do to make money blogging?

Also, there is a second way to look at it in a beneficial way to the readers.

Say a visitor comes to your blog page and hesitant to give you his/her contact like email address, the chances of him or her returning is nearly zero and you might never have another opportunity to help him or her in the future if that make sense.

See, if you believe in writing the best of articles and you believe you can help readers over time, then you owe it to them to be as pushy as possible about staying in contact with them.

In in other words, not collecting readers contact is wrong and not using a pop up is unethical. I acknowledge that pop ups are annoying but a little annoyance is a small price to pay for positive change.

Remember not to be rude or extremely pushy as you can absolutely use pop ups in respectful and genuine ways.

But you certainly must use pop ups for email listing in blog if you intend to make money and help someone down the road.

How To Make Money Blogging For Free

Learn the Proven Way to Make Money Blogging For Free

5). Start to Monetize with Affiliate Offers

Now that you are blogging in a profitable niche, have decent amount of traffic coming to your blog page and some email list.

How To Make Money Blogging For Free

Just a Few of the Many affiliate Offers <===CLICK HERE TO SEE THE HIGH PAYING ONES===>

What is the next step to make money blogging?

I have actually seen many bloggers jump into creating a product like a course or book or some sort of online community, but hey that is a big mistake in my opinion.

Know that before you start to sell products or services, you first need a concrete authentication that those products and services are what people actually need and want to buy.

Else, you are just taking a big risk wasting months if not years of your life trying to push something that no one want to buy.

The smartest way to acquire authentication of a product or service is by:-

Affiliate offers

Know this at the back of your mind that affiliate offers is more than making you just the commission.

You knowing what your visitors are buying from other people (affiliate offers), gives you an insight to what people might actually want to buy from you as well.

In other words, if you’re helping to promote a product or service and it is converting very well, you can think about creating a similar product or service to market.

If you’re promoting a product and it doesn’t convert well, you should probably not create that product or similar one.

Are you getting it now?

Finally, know that affiliate offers are a type of market research for your future business.

And as an instant bonus, you just so happen to be getting paid commissions on the products and services that your visitors buy in the process.

Remember that not only are you learning what your traffic needs and want to spend their money on, you are also making money from your blog simultaneously. Kinda an awesome deal!

6). Develop a Unique Mechanism

How To Make Money Blogging For Free


Now that you’re comfortably making some decent money from your blog page, it’s time to start planning to transition into having your own products and/or services.

But before you launch yourself into this phase of having your own products and/or services, there exist one crucial point about human nature that you need to understand.

Hey my friend, always remember that whenever people buy anything, they expect to transition from where they used to be (Point A) to where they want to be moving forward (Point B).

Here are few examples in an effort to aid your understanding…

  • Let say Dave is hungry and he bought Shawarma for dinner, it simply means that Dave want to transition from being hungry and craving for Shawarma (Point A) to tasting delicious Shawarma and quenching hunger (Point B).
  • Let say Grace is having a clogged bath tub and she hired a plumber, it simply means that she want to transition from having a clogged bath tub (Point A) to having a fully functioning bath tub (Point B).
  • Let say Ralph is a blogger and he bought a course on SEO, it’s simply means that he want to transition from getting ignored by Google (Point A) to ranking for competitive terms and getting traffic (Point B).

Additionally, don’t forget that the success of any product or service mostly depends on helping your customers as well make those needed transitions.

Note that if the customer didn’t get to Point B or encountered product or service failure in the transitioning process, they generally view the product or service as an absolute failure.

Now comes the popular question that many people always ask

How can you as a blogger be better equipped to deliver that transition better than your competitors?

The simple answer to that famous question is what Todd Brown, the marketing funnel automation expert calls “unique mechanism.”

Note that this is different from the term “unique selling proposition” because it is not just something about your person that is different.

Unique mechanism is something about you or your method that makes you better and able to help customers than anyone else.

How To Make Money Blogging For Free

Click Here to Go Deeper on Product Development

Finally, that is it guys – making decent income replacement money from blogging is not easy, it is not super fast, it is not even that sexy, but the kicker is that IT WORKS.

How To Make Money Blogging For Free

Want To Start Making Money Online For Free?

I hope these tips will help someone out there and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Tony @wealthdowntown




  1. This is an informative and educative article. You have thoroughly put everything in perspective for anyone reading this post to understand the points

    Thank you for this post. This is more or less like a refresher course to me. I am into affiliate marketing but yet to have a good grip of this businesses. After few year of ups and downs, I  got to know that a continual search for knowledge to improve your niche is very important. 

    Another important thing is originality and perseverance make your style unique .

    Thanks for the eye opener. This is a must for all newbies to read as this is exactly what wealthy Affiliate teaches.


    • Hi Wealthfather

      Thanks for stopping by to read another article again. It’s really feels good to read that the article is refreshing and educative.

      I agree with you that wealthy affiliate is unique platform that teaches this blogging to make money thing perfectly

      Thanks again for swinging by and all the best in your business.


  2. As a blogger, I understand the need to monetize my blog. Though I’m not in a haste to do that, I do know it would become essential to monetize my blog soon.

    I like how you’ve detailed the process of earning from a blog. It’s really simple to understand and I hope it would be simpler to implement. I have not uploaded an email pop up on my blog, I’ll do that right away.

    Thanks for the tip, regards

  3. Wow very well written Tony!

    I have to admit, I seem to be very weak at the email management part, you got me at the  $0.5 to $1 per email subs part. Email Marketing is a big game to any business and I think it’s high time I get serious about that part as well. One question though, is it normal for subscribers to leave your mailing list? I get that sometimes and it’s a bit sad to see :/

  4. Thanks for this informative article, I must say I appreciate the time and effort you put into explaining the ways to earn from blogging at no cost, blogging has been on my radar for sometime now and I have been thinking of where to start from but I guess you have provided me with the necessary steps to take which I believe is going to make it a success. Thanks for this opportunity.

  5. Hi Tony, thanks for the motivation. It’s great to see that blogging can actually turn into a profitable business, with websites attaining huge volumes of traffic. I’m reasonably new to blogging and still don’t have lots of traffic. I have a site that is becoming more and more profitable which is great, but has taken far longer than I thought it would. Jaaxy has been awesome for me to find great keywords, and I think the key to it is actually writing based on excellent keywords, rather than what you might ‘want’ to write about. I know I made that mistake in the beginning, I just loved writing about particular topics that didn’t really have great keywords, and subsequently those posts really didn’t rank well and no-one has found them 🙂

    Thanks for these great tips.

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