How To Get Smarter With Money

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Ways You’re Losing Money Without Realizing – Get Smarter With Money TodayHow To Get Smarter With Money

I am going to be sharing with you some awesome ways to put more money in your pocket.

1). Paying Sneaky Bank Fees:

Something that many people don’t realize is that with any given bank you might be using, you’re often paying money just for the privilege of storing your money with the bank.

Everything from having lower balance to using cheques to over-drafting to transferring money can suck money out of your pocket.

And doing something like overdrafting multiple times in a day or in a week which is extremely easy to do without even realizing it can lead you to lose hundreds of dollars in banking fee before you even realize what is happening.

You need to be aware of every dollar you’re spending and as well be in cognizance of when it comes into your bank account.

You need to be on the look-out for fees and remember that you can always negotiate them even if you don’t get a given fee waved at the long run.

Note that fees like the one for overdraft can easily be waved so always remember to ask for it during transactions.

There are also modern digital banks all around the world now, that can get rid of all the fees that makes checking account in particular so annoying.

Chime is a great example and you can just google it to check them out if they are available for your location.

Remember that no matter the banking decision that you’re making, your goal should always be not to pay money just to store money as there is almost always a better way to be banking.

How To Get Smarter With Money


2). Not Thinking In Terms Of Opportunity Cost:

Opportunity cost is an economics term and it basically means a benefit that a person could receive but gave up to pursue another course of action.

In another word, an opportunity cost represents an alternative given up when a decision is made.

Often the decision that looks cheap on its surface can mean giving up something very valuable that you could have had.

For instance, if you save money by not investing in a particular skill like paying for education, software, online courses etc., you may eventually lose money by forgoing the employment opportunities that could have opened up for that new skill.

Another example is staying in a lower paying job when it becomes clear that you’re not going to get the promotion that would lead you to get your worth in the job market.

It could be the more comfortable and low risk choice but you’re forgoing the opportunity to make more money and learn something new at a new job or new opportunity.

If you think that you might be underpaid for example, you can get on website like to figure out what is the appropriate amount you should be earning at your job.

How to get smarter with money

3). Being Afraid Of Investing:

Basically, there is a thing called investment horizon and that is essentially the amount of time your money has to grow and improve the sweet compound interest in the time period.

Young people often tends to feel that they are exempt from investing because they might not have enough money that they feel like they can get started with and always say they will get to doing it later.

See every day that you wait or postpone your investing date, even if it just a few dollars at a time, it is costing you enormous return and the amount of time you have to grow the money.

Going back to opportunity cost, we tend to think of investment as always inherently super risky adventure and then keeping our money just sitting in our bank’s savings account is by default the safest choice but I want to tell you today that it is not the safest option when it comes to that money potential value.

Start investing money for your future today and if you feel like you dont have money to invest, start some side hustle that would ield you some extra income that you can invest.

Let me mention this. You  are not alone if you’re scared of investing or if you didn’t start early, I used to be a victim and almost everyone is guilty.

The good thing is that there are many good platforms that can help people manage there investment portfolio but you should be careful in selection as there are many bad ones as well.

To start investing today, you can take the advantage of credible platforms like which will help you manage your investing for good growth. I am a living witness of this great platform and would be doing a more detailed review of them later.

Also check out my #1 recommended work from home side hustle and start it for Free today – You will thank me later.

4). Not Using The Right Credit Card For Your Purchases:

Something a lot of people don’t understand is that using the right credit card is absolutely a lot more than just building your credit score and having access to funds.

Everything from points you will accumulate to miles useful for things you would otherwise be paying for using debit card or cash – things such as airline tickets etc. are awesome dividends of having a credit card.

I am someone who flies a lot so I almost exclusively use my air miles American express card to pay for all of my monthly bills so that I can get a ton of air miles racked up for money that I was already spending.

You do have to be careful when it comes to the type of credit card that you choose to use. You need to be familiar with the details and make sure you pay it back on time to eliminate paying interests on them.

Some credit cards are really limited when it comes to black out date. If you learn to use them wisely and properly they can save you thousands of dollars on airline tickets.

But if you’re not someone that fly a lot, there are tons of other great options out there like reward card for whatever you might actually have a use for. An example would be using acumulated reward point/cash for groceries, computers, gas etc.

Remember that if you don’t get quality for a really high value reward credit card you can always get a more basic card and work your way up to it.

Wherever you’re with your credit score, always remember that the healthiest way to see a credit card is as a convenient way to live the life that you’re already living in a cost-efficient and effective manner.

In a nutshell, credit card is not just about building your credit score/point, it is as well about using them to your own financial advantage to save and put more money in your pocket.

How To Get Smarter With Money


5). Letting Things Run Continuously:

Everything from lighting to heating to air conditioning to running water when you’re brushing your teeth or taking super long showers are costing you money either you acknowledge it or not.

We all know that we should be creating a low consumption and energy efficient household or we’ll probably be surprised that not doing that would cost us some raw dollar amount that could potentially run into hundreds of dollars or more in a calendar year.

An easy way to get over this bad habit while approaching life in a more measured way is to start setting month long challenges for yourself.

For one month, make a conscious effort to only use exactly what you need.

That would mean no lights on in the rooms you’re not in or using, not running more water than you need when doing things like dish cleaning, brushing teeth etc., keeping your air condition or heating at a really mild temperature – not extremes etc.

Make sure you run this month long challenge by your wife or husband or roommates so that you guys are on the same page and can hold each other accountable and as well see how low you can get your monthly bills down.

6). Not Asking For A Raise:

I can say that every time you don’t negotiate or ask for a raise or raise your rate on any contract appropriately at work, you’re actively cheating yourself out of more money opportunity.

Negotiating is not just acceptable, it is what is expected out of any professional in a work environment.

It actually looks weird if you don’t negotiate and it is not just the low opening salary or income that hurts you when you don’t push back, it can actually be very damaging to get into the pattern of low balling yourself because it also affects what you can ask for in your next position as well as the starting point from where your employer gives you a raise for the new position.

Thinking of negotiation in a concrete term of how much money you’re actually losing is a lot more effective than thinking of it as some sort of abstract extra money you’re getting on top your current salary/wage.

You’re truly costing yourself by not speaking up and keeping quiet.

Always remember that every dollar that you waste or miss out on is a dollar that you could be doing so much life valuable things like investing for your college or vacation or even your retirement, helping charity or family or start your own business and be your own boss type opportunity etc.

That is it guys – Hope the tips will help someone out there.

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How To Get Smarter With Money


Final note, I’ll send you my personal welcome message inside WA community and be your personal mentor if you take action today to better your future.

How To Get Smarter With Money

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  1. Thanks for this article. I am particularly disgusted by fees that banks charge. They may seem very little, but when you accumulate it through out a month, it actually adds up. 

    It is a wasteful attitude to allow utilities run. If your not using the heater or the light bulb, you put it off. It’s a no brainer, this would save you good money from those bills.

    I’m particularly guilty about asking for a raise. I always fear the negative effect of this, and possibly my employer make misconstrue my intention. The employer may begin to think I’m in it all for the money.

    Warm regards

  2. Thanks for writing this article on how to get smarter with money. I really appreciate you for posting this informative article on most of the ways that am losing money without realizing it. Most of what you write in this article happen to me day by day especially Being Afraid Of Investing due to some bad experience I have about it in the past.i find most of this tips helpful on how I spent my money

    • Thanks for your comment Ajibola40. I think you are not alone, almost everyone is guilty of having a bad experience investing or not investing early enough. The good thing is that there many platforms out there nowadays that can help manage investment and you can take the opportunity of credible platforms like which will help you manage your investing for good growth. I am a living witness of this great platform and have had nothing but great experience haven’t been with them for 3 years now.


  3. I really love your tips on how to get smarter worth money. For me investing money has always been a challenge for me due to one of the reasons you stated above about procastinating and saying I’m too Young to invest. It took some time before I could get rid of that idea. Having a side hustle also makes investing easier and I wanna say registering on wealthy affiliate is definitely a good way to get a side hustle. 

  4. Its usually a great feeling for me when I come across very informative blog posts like this one. We grow up being taught about sex, manners, driving etc etc but no one actually makes the connection that money is what enables a lot of things if not all things to function in our society,therefore giving financial education is even much more important. We are supposed to be taught how to get smarter with money the moment we are old enough to understand. Thanks for taking out time to educate us about being smarter with money.

    I admit to being scared to invest but I am overcoming it gradually and see the benefit of investing,this post only helps to increase my confidence in taking that “risk”.

    I also acknowledge wealthy affiliate your #1 recommended platform for side hustle as being the best. I am a living witness.


    • Thanks for reading the article and finding it helpful Vapz… investing could be scary but it’s awesome and not as bad as people think if one takes diligent approach. Also side hustle platforms like  Wealthy affiliate can help provide the extra cash needed for retirement/long term investment.


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