Cinchbucks Review: Is it another scam or legit?

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Cinchbucks is one of the get paid to and survey website that presumably give members a lot of cash earning potentials.
Cinchbucks Review: Is it another scam or legit?

Name: CinchBucks
Type: Reward website
Year Started: 2014
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Today we would learn if Cinchbucks is another internet scam, or if it is really a great way to earn some extra cash working online.

I am confident to give you an accurate review because I have joined and tried out the platform thoroughly myself, and in this Cinchbucks review, you can be sure to get all the details about what they really offer, what you can expect to get and you can decide if it will worth your time.

To first give you a broad overview, Cinchbucks pay members to complete offers, complete tasks, take surveys, refer friends, watch videos and much more.

Note: Before embark on this journey, you need to understand that CinchBucks and other reward websites on the internet won’t make you a full time work replaceable income. I consider such websites as an Extra Income making websites. Even though they would pay you, you will be earning pennies for your invested time.

On this note, if you are actually looking for a full-time type of income, you might want to check out My #1 Recommended work from home opportunity here, I actually used this to make over 9,000 online this last month!

Having said that, let’s run through the Cinchbucks quick review road together.

What is Cinchbucks?

As said earlier, Cinchbucks was started in 2014, and according to their website, they currently have over 1 million members.

It is a reward get-paid-to type of website (GPT) which means there are several ways members can earn money.

Let me reveal right away to you that Cinchbucks is legitimate and it is one of the reward websites where you can actually expect to earn real money and get paid as well. However, being legitimate and being able to earn and get paid is not enough to justify if it is necessarily the right website for you.

Let’s go over what it’s offer details are for your informed and intelligent decision.

Cinchbucks Review: Is it another scam or legit?

What do Cinchbucks offers?

1). Paid surveys:

If in the past, you have read any other paid survey articles like PaidFromSurveys etc., you will agree with me that paid surveys are a great way to earn few bucks online while at the same time having your opinion heard by people.

Just like most other GPT websites, Cinchbucks would offer members paid surveys as a way to earn money. They provide this paid survey offers through third party agencies/companies. This simply means that Cinchbucks have partnership cooperation with several survey companies, and you can be sure to find a good amount of paid surveys after joining.

Note that the Exact amount of surveys you have access to will depend on the country you reside in.

Typically, before you start a survey, you will be provided the estimated time you will need to complete the survey and as well the amount you can expect to earn after the completion of the survey.

I agree that It is great to be able to have all these informations before starting a survey, as this way you can decide if the survey is worth your time and energy to participate in or not.

Also, there is no required amount of surveys you have to take to be a member or to retain your membership. You can just take as many surveys as you want or as many as you have time for.

2). Cashback on shopping:

Cinchbucks has another great section where you can get cashback for certain products/services you purchase online.

One thing that I noticed as at the moment of writing this review is that there are not wide selections available. They available products/services are mostly related to internet marketing like email services, hosting, etc.

Also, be informed that you have to pay first in order to earn rewards here, so to me it is not a really cool way as such to earn money and because of that I must admit that I am not too impressed with the earning potential in this section.

Peradventure if any of the available products/services in this section appeals to you, you might as well make use of the opportunity and get a few cashback on your purchase.

I would advise you to make sure to read and review the products/services conditions before taking any offers here. This way you would know exactly what it takes for you to get your reward and how long it will take, as there are usually some delays – I have seen delays up to a few several months before you can expect to get your cashback reward.

3). Paid offers:

This is located on the offer wall section of Cinchbucks website and here is where you can take your paid offers.

Cinchbucks provides access to various offer walls and as well has a good collection of offers. As an example, you can earn money by signing up for free trials and/or downloading apps and/or participating in various contests and many more.

Also, you can often discover extra surveys you can take on the offer walls.

In my opinion, this section is worth checking out as you can sometimes find some really awesome offers and some bonus offers to boost your overall earnings.

Note that not all the offers are great, so make sure you read the conditions for each offer before taking any action. This way you can be sure of what you need to do and what the expectations are for you to get your full reward.

Cinchbucks Review: Is it another scam or legit?

4). Joining bonus:

Sometimes when you visit their website, you can get a pop-up with a promo code and when you enter this code to join, you will earn a bonus for yourself.

Following the completion of your signing up process, you will need to input this code at the top of your screen page where it says “CB Code”. Following this procedure during my signing up process, I got a bonus of 50 points – easy earning huh?

Also if you find any Cinchbucks promo codes down the road, you can input it at this spot.

As per my research through their website, promo codes can appear anywhere on the Cinchbucks website, blog, social media or even third party web pages.

Personally, I have only found the joining bonus promo code but if you are regular on the above listed platforms, it can worth it to keep an eye on these codes to make some free extra bucks.

Additionally, after completing your sign up process, you will get 10 points by providing answers a few short questions.

Depending on your country of residence, you can earn up to 50 extra points by completing your online profile.

5). Invite friends:

This is another awesome way to earn money on this platform. You are allowed to invite friends to join and then earn extra reward points after they join.

Note that when a friend that you invited joins, you will make 10% of everything he/she earns after earning their first 1000 points.

This will not by any means affect the rewards that your friend will earn and it is just something paid to you by Cinchbucks as a thank you for the invite.

You will either have to know a lot of friends to invite to make any tangible money by this means or My #1 Recommended work from home opportunity can actually give you some insight on how to maximize this platform to potentially make a lot of money without having to invite a lot of friends.

6). Get coupons:

Another great thing here is coupons for various shopping. You might find some coupons that will help you save money when buying certain products like perfumes, detergents etc.

The coupons are majorly for personal and household items and there are not too many selections available.

In addition, be informed that these coupons are mostly available for us in the USA or Canada. If you live here, it can be a way to save a few extra dollars for you.

How do you withdraw your money?

As highlighted above, Cinchbucks has a very good amount of earning opportunities.

Now how do you get your money? Find out below.

As earlier mentioned, Cinchbucks has a very good selection of rewards and you can find a reward easily no matter your set preferences.

There are few ways to collect your rewards in form of money.

  • You can get cash through your PayPal
  • You can get paid in Bitcoin
  • You can choose among many gift cards

Cinchbucks Review: Is it another scam or legit?

I am happy Cinchbucks offers cash payment through PayPal as it is very reliable and the most widely acceptable means of cash collection for this type of online transaction. I typically prefer websites that offer PayPal as a payout method.

How do you convert your reward points to dollar value?

When you take and complete a survey or an offer, etc. you would earn in Cinch Bucks (CB).

Every 1 CB is worth 1 cent and this means that 100 CB is equal to $1.

You can request a minimum payout of 1000 which would be $10.

How much money can you make?

If you are patient enough, you can find good surveys or offers that you are qualified for and by completing those offers, it is possible to make some sizable cash over time.

However, do not see this platform as a potential way to make a full-time income but as a way to make some extra cash on the side.

And yes, If full-time earnings or financial freedom is your goal, please checkout my other review on full time income replacement or else you will be disappointed counting on Cinchbucks.

Cinchbucks Review: Is it another scam or legit?

My Final Thought About Cinchbucks

Overall, Cinchbucks is Great, Legit and not a Scam.

By joining, you can earn some extra money to help your finances. However, it does not mean it is the right option for you as there are many other ways to help potential income online with lesser input.

Cinchbucks Review: Is it another scam or legit?

Want To Start Making Money Online For Free?

Personally, I would prefer to sign up with a platform like Wealthy Affiliate where I would get a better value for my time and energy while been able to scale up or down my business to be part-time or full time as I wishes.

Final verdict: Legit but not too great for earnings

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Tony @wealthdowntown



  1. The way I look at these survey type sites is that they do provide faster money than affiliate marketing, but they don’t give you the long-term wealth and the amount of money an affiliate site can bring.  It’s just that the affiliate sites take a while to get going.  It’s not quick.  Doing surveys is much faster, but you’ll never make a full-time income.  Wealthy Affiliate is the program that I use for my websites, and I’ve had wonderful success through them.

  2. Cinchbanks is a great site to earn but not for a long term source. The surveys are always limited though and you cant do as much surveys as you like. Reviews like this help to ascertain the validity of a site and ensure they aren’t scams. Thanks for this Information and for confirming Wealthy Affiliate as a better alternative. I’m actually a member of that platform.


  3. My biggest issue with the cinchbucks type of business was the time it took to earn any serious money. I just got bored! I was aware it was legit but I never met anyone rolling in cash after doing surveys! Have you? So for me, it wasn’t a valid work at home option. So I agree with you that another option such as Wealthy Affiliate affiliate marketing would be far better in providing a serious income.

    The coupons also were interesting to me but they were often for things I didn’t often buy! I gave up surveys in the end because of my time in relation to income earned …

    • Thanks for reading the article and for making your comments. I totally agree with you. I would rather invest more of my time and energy on Wealthy Affiliate for full time income.


  4. Cinchbucks really is legit but like other surveys they take time to grow. Also they don’t always have worldwide surveys, I can’t get for my area. I notice you’re promoting other ways to make money and its wealthy affiliate

    That’s amazing. I use it myself and make much better money there than with any survey site. 

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