Affilorama Review – 2019, is it Just Another Scam?

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Affilorama Review

Guys, let’s learn about Affilorama affiliate platform if it worth signing up with or notAffilorama Review - 2019, is it Just Another Scam?

Name: Affilorama
Price: $1 first 30 days (trial), $67 monthly, $497 for three years  plus upsells
Owner: Mark Ling
Overall Rank: 82 out of 100

Affilorama Membership Overview

You can sign up for an account for free today and boost your affiliate sales – This was the way Affilorama was commercially marketed. Affilorama was started 2005 (11 years ago) by Mark Ling.

After several years of success as a merchant owning products like Jamorama, Mark the owner set out to launching a platform that would help train his affiliates within the respective niches of products.

There was several levels of the Affilorama Membership and different products to choose from including the very basic entry level to more advanced options that contained several plug in tools.

Even though Affilorama do not do a perfect job, it is still one of the better products in the affiliate industry that keep up growing unlike other programs that simply do not evolve and within this review I am going to be walking you through the program along with the many “upsells” within the platform.

Affilorama Pros versus Cons

The Pros:

  • Various tools and affiliate materials
  • Huge affiliate marketing communities
  • Free trial option allows for exploration of the basic package
  • Convenient payment options for the Premium package which includes a three year payment plan
  • Friendly platform

The Cons:

  • There are just too many options which makes choosing the right package difficult
  • The basic package is way limited compared to the premium package
  • Too much arrant misinformation and detrimental training that can harm business
  • The costs to be a full member can be very expensive once you start adding in all the offerings & upsells
  • You can’t get to connect with Mark the owner directly

Affilorama Review - 2019, is it Just Another Scam?

Who is Affilorama meant for?

Within the affilorama platform, there are several levels and trainings to choose from. Affilorama is meant to be utilized by anyone who wants to make some extra cash working online as an affiliate marketer. The comprehensive training within the Affilorama platform is geared towards everything from the fundamental website set-up to more advanced promotional techniques to make income online.

Whether you have a prior successful online business already or you want to give a little boost for your existing business, Affilorama can provide you a lot of new resourceful information. Their training is based on knowledge from an experienced and very involved affiliate marketer, Mark Ling, who has a significant track record of not only just being a merchant (having affiliates) but promoting his own products and services himself – this is a good thing.

Affilorama Main Products

The Affilorama products line is very confusing because they have too many products within their program. You have to pay for the individual products to have an access.

This is one of the reasons I do not agree with Affilorama as a friendly and good platform for both starters and online marketing gurus.

I am of the opinion that when you pay for a product, you should have access to everything needed to become successful in the online business world.

There are few better platforms like my #1 recommendation which gives you all you need to be successful in one package

Here below you will learn about the different Affilorama products and prices

1. Affilojetpack Membership ($497, then $67/month): This contains lucrative niches, powerful keywords, outstanding content and incredible graphics. With this product, all you have to do is just to put it together, turn it on, and start earning income online.

2. Affiloblueprint ($197, then $67/month):
This is s foolproof blueprint for developing a lucrative affiliate web pages. It contains easy step-by-step videos which means anybody can get started making money online with the product.

3. Affilotheme ($197, then $67/month): This is a WordPress theme that would come with specific supporting training showing you how to properly use it. Also, this product comes with one year free hosting and beyond that you will be required to join Affilorama Premium to maintain your hosting which means pay the $67/month after the first year.

4. Premium Membership ($67/month): Affilorama premium membership product is a collection of essential tools and training platforms for folks that are serious and committed to making a successful income working online. However, it contains limited hosting and forum access.

Affilorama Review - 2019, is it Just Another Scam?

Support Within Affilorama

No doubt, Affilorama offers a comprehensive support for it members. You will be able to contact the technical support staffs directly for 8 hours a day and as well members in the community forum where you can ask questions.

Note that the forum and the community in Affilorama is not as active as the ones in Wealthy Affiliate and you can’t contact the founder Mark Ling directly but you can leave him questions on the message board but you should not expect a timely response from him if at all he his going to reply you.

This is not intentional ignore but because he’s a very busy online business owner and always having too many projects going on.

The nature of a communication forum in Affilorama allows for a delayed support response and sometimes it can take several days for people’s query to be answered.

Affilorama Review - 2019, is it Just Another Scam?

My Final Thought About Affilorama

Affilorama is a great work from home platform that offers a good deal of tools, training and support.

Even though that I am a be a bit critical of a few different aspects of their online business system but if the truth would be told, Mark Ling and Affilorama are definitely one of the few legitimate groups within the affiliate industry that is known to be profitable.

But because of the numerous number of upsells and, misinformation and outdated training techniques within their platform, it can be confusing for a beginner where to get started.

Also, in my opinion some of their products are just too expensive but they can definitely worth it for some folks as they can boost the potential of your online incomes. However, I would prefer to sign up with a similar platform like Wealthy Affiliate where I would get a better value for my buck and even at a cheaper cost.

Final Overview of Affilorama

Name: Affilorama
Price: Free to start. Premium $1/first 30 days. Then $67/month.
Owners: Mark Ling
Overall Rank: 87 out of 100

Is Affilorama Scam or Legit

VERDICT: Legit with overall quality training but with a few deficiencies and expensive upsells

Here is even a better alternative

Affilorama Review – 2019, is it Just Another Scam?

Want To Start Making Money Online For Free?

Thanks for reading and if you have any questions, just leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Tony @wealthdowntown


  1. Well posting this review is appreciated, haven gone through the review on Affilorama, the goal of anyone who will want to join this is to have the assurance that they won’t run at a loss on their product and business. Has huge marketing affiliates but no one would want an information that will be detrimental to their business. So joining this platform is a matter of choice. The cons seems to over weighs the pros. Thanks anyway 

  2. For me, the biggest con that you mention is not being able to connect with the owner and creator of the platform directly. It’s always my preference to have transparency between the owner and the folks that pay for training and other services through the platform. I suppose this is one of the primary reasons this platform only received an 82 out of 100 on your scale while Wealthy Affiliate receives a lot more. 

  3. I’ve heard of Affilorama before, but never taken a close look at it until reading your article. It’s pretty neat that people could buy a membership and then learn how to make money money online. 

    Considering they teach you how to pick a niche, set up a website and monetize it, that sounds like a pretty good deal for around $70 per month. You might have to purchase 5-10 different training courses to get the same amount of information, all in one place. That would cost you a lot more than $70. 

    Plus, Affilorama has a great community! Since it comes with a strong money back guarantee, you really have nothing to lose. Give it a try!

  4. This must have been the 5th time that I have heard about Affilorama. Heard all the good reviews however it is really out of my budget. The upsells are too expensive for me, that is hard when your site is new, you need a second job to supplement the affiliate journey. I am with the Wealthy Affiliate currently and pretty happy with the platform. Plus, I can reach the owner directly. Thanks for the honest review. Might check it out when I can afford it.

  5. Thank you for this review. I always thank my star for coming across wealthy affiliate. I did once sign up affilorama for the free option, but I got quickly overwhelmed with all the too many options. I have no doubt the training would be good, and maybe I will dive in more one day, but I still feel I have not maximized the opportunities of Wealthy affiliate yet, and I have been a member for 3 years and I am super happy with the platform! Plus as you have spelled out, I like the fact you can honestly start completely free at wealthy affiliate and go through all the training and have access to everything before deciding to go premium. Thanks again-you have reminded me I am in the right place for now, but perhaps later down the track will go the affilorama route again and see what’s up. 

  6. Hi Tony! I have read quite a few reviews about affilorama and they all agree that it’s a legit site. I have come to the conclusion that it’s a good site to learn affiliate marketing. But it may be complicated to choose from all the packages it offers. And it could even become a bit expensive with all those packages.

    I would still want to give it a try, so I’ll sign up with them. It’s just $1 the first month, so I’ll sign up. Thank you very much for this review.

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